Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its been a while!

Wow, its been quite a while since I have blogged!

"What on earth have you been up to?" You may wonder (or not.)

We headed to Atlanta for Christmas and had a wonderful visit with lots of family and many friends.

Here is a picture of my mom's tree....seriously. This is in her house. Not a magazine.
Once we arrived home about 10 days ago, I have done nothing but try and reorganize my house and my life.

I did several (about 8!) photo sessions while I was home, so I have been editing my eyeballs out every evening trying to get pictures done and on CDs and mailed to their respective clients. I have also been trying get my branding and marketing in place for my new business. My husband has been helping me with this big time. My website is now officially a work in progress. Thanks B for all your help!!
(Those are just a handful of the ones I have been working on!)

I have also been trying to crank out laundry and continue with the post Christmas-gift-reorganization that becomes necessary very year.

Oh, and I began my Chalean Extreme workout program again last week. I am 100% committed to it and am lifting so heavy, even I am surprised at myself and my determination this go-round. My goal is to drop the rest of this pregnancy weight by the time the baby turns one in April. Well, honestly, I hope its gone my March, but we'll see how quickly it comes off, haha!

At the end of each day when I am tired and ready to just spend some time without the little ones needing me is when I slip on my workout clothes and break out a serious sweat. I lift, pant, sweat, grunt, jump, stretch, lunge, and squat.

What I won't do is quit.

"Don't quit when you're tired. Quit when you're DONE!"

I read that this week and it has stuck with me. I have to do this. I have a beautiful wardrobe hanging in my closet that I don't fit into. I am determined to get into those adorable Spring clothes leggins and the romper :-)

I am so ready to go from this...
Photo on 1-9-12 at 12.04 PM #3
Photo on 1-9-12 at 12.04 PM #2

Back to this....
Photo 344
Photo 240
Photo 225
20-25 pounds is all that stands in my way...

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  1.'re back, both blogging and with new found determination to do Chalene! You can do it again! Love all the photos...esp. the one of our tree. It sure does look beautiful in your photo!