Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Newby Blogger!

So, I have no idea what I am doing and am just hoping this actually posts! I decided to join the blogger world because I have so many thoughts and funny stories that I would love to record and share but just don't have any outlet to do it. I could call my friends and family, but they are typically at work...I could post on facebook, but people would get sick of seeing new "notes" added as frequently as I would like to write. I happen to find most of my days pretty amusing and I think that it would be fun to look back and read what I wrote and how I was feeling at the time. Plus, I can share my silly kid stories with anyone that cares to read this. Truly I suppose, this serves a dual purpose.

One thing that I have learned from a public blog is that I shouldn't give any descriptive info about myself or my family. So, I will refer to myself as "me or I" and my husband as, "B." I have two kids who I will call "C" and "D." For anyone reading this that doesn't actually know me, C is my 3 year old daughter and D is my 6 month old son.  I have heard so many terrible things about internet stalker people that I really want to be as safe as possible in doing this!

Okay, so now that I got that out of the way, I should tell you about my blog's name. B and I were trying to come up with something unique yet descriptive. We would come up with some great option and then be shot down when it wasn't available.  After sitting here for a while, we came up with Raising Them Up. Obviously, we are raising two kids, so it makes perfect sense. But we are also raising the up to the Lord. We pray for them and lift them up to Him. Realistically, He is their Father. We are blessed to be their earthly parents, but ultimately, they are His. So, Raising Them Up it is!

I am super excited about this blog so please check back frequently to see new posts and pictures. I can guarantee that many of the entries will make you laugh. C is about the funniest kid on the planet and says the funniest things almost daily and my sweet little D surprises me everyday with his adorable little personality. 

Until Later!

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