Thursday, August 6, 2009

As the Years Go By

I was in Atlanta visiting my family and friends this past week. My trips home are very busy and exhausting but always tons of fun. I typically visit my parents, my in-laws, my sister(s), sisters in law, my aunt and cousins, and my best friend. Today I wanted to reflect briefly on my trip to visit my best friend...

Since I don't use real names on here, I'll call her "La" (and for those of you that know'll know this is REALLY sneaky!). She and I have been friends for a very long time and because of that, we know a lot about each other and have experienced many things together. We met back in late middle school/early high school and were in the same classes, same school band, and same circle of friends. We were pretty much inseparable our senior year of high school (even spending the night at each others house on school nights! Yes, our parents allowed this...we were pretty good kids). We had a joint graduation party and went off to the University of Georgia roomies of course.

At this time, we lived together in our 12x12(ish) dorm room with our beds lofted off the ground. I began to date my future husband, B, this first year of college, so I frequently drove the hour drive home on the weekends. I don't remember perfectly, but I'd probably let La know I was heading off for the weekend and that I'd see her again Sunday evening. I'd trek across campus to my cute little 2 door silver Honda Civic and head home. This drive became very comfortable to me because it was about 44 miles down the same exact road every time....Hwy 78. I grew to know every curve, every stop light, every bridge, every speed limit change very well in my 4 years of college. I didn't know it then, but I was making memories that would "take me back" to this special time in my life every time I traveled on that road in the future.

La met and married a wonderful man that was already established out in Athens, where we went to UGA, so she still lives there. She's not in a dorm anymore but rather in a beautiful home on the outskirts of town. I love visiting her and her family these days. On this particular visit this past weekend, I took a moment to reflect on how things have changed for us over the years...

We used to live in a dorm and I'd probably wave at her as I walked out the door or maybe just call her as I left town. I'd hop in my cute civic with my overnight bag (and probably some laundry) and head home to see my boyfriend...probably with the music cranked up and sunroof open. Fast forward 9 years and this time as I left her, we stood in her driveway and hugged. I also exchanged hugs with her sister and her husband and covered her sweet 5 month old with kisses. I got in my silver minivan with my three year old and watched to make sure I didn't hit her dog as I backed down the drive way. I still traveled the exact same drive as I always have... each curve and hill coming back to me as if I was still 18 years old. I think I actually "feel" younger when I drive "home" from Athens to my mom's house.

It just struck me how much we've grown up and how things are different. Not only are we older, but our priorities have changed as well. We have families now and real responsibilities. We also both have minivans, haha. We both always hate to say good bye and love spending hours together not doing anything more than "hanging out" at her house or at my mom's house. When my baby was brand new, she'd come over and cuddle him and talk to me while I breastfed him...and when she had her baby I was able to visit her in the hospital while she was still recovering from a c-section and teaching her baby how to properly latch-on. I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years brings for us and our friendship, but I know that no matter how old we get, the drive from Athens to Snellville will always feel "just right" and all "broken in" for me....and probably for La too :-)


  1. So..I was blog stalking you b/c I was curious about whether the little guy is crawling (or maybe just skipped to walking). But I got caught up reading this blog and it actually made me tear up a little. I know EXACTLY how you feel about that drive. You are also so lucky to have a good friend like that!!
    --Cristina, with the other october baby!

  2. Had you on my mind and so checked in on your blog. THOROUGHLY enjoyed this entry (not that your others aren't enjoyable), but this one was really especially great! PLEASE stop by and see us next time you are in Athens or Snellville!!
    We love you ~ R&D