Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's been a while!

I feel like I haven't been a good blogger lately. Things have been so hectic and crazy, I just haven't had the time....and when I do have time, I do something else (like read a magazine, watch TV or search, haha). Our house is finally over the sicknesses that took over several weeks ago and I am proud to announce that we are all healthy and well! I have bleached towels, sheets, diapers and the shower and sprayed Lysol on every solid surface that may have harbored germs. Hopefully, we will be sickness free for quite a while!

I was able to attend my MOPS group this morning for the second time. MOPS stands for Mothers Of Preschoolers and we meet twice a month in the coffee shop at church. Our children are cared for in the nursery while us ladies enjoy breakfast, juice, coffee and some good fellowship. There is also some kind of speaker with a great message. Today our speaker was a mom of 10 kids! I think she had some GREAT advice on discipline and training God's way. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful group of women (over 40 of them!) to get to know and be encouraged by twice a month. It's good to know that I am not alone raising two young children...and that I am not the only way who occasionally loses my temper, uses bribery, sometimes hides in the bathroom, and doesn't get dressed until after lunch!

C is still doing great in preschool. We now utilize the parent drop off/pick up every day and she always bounds out of the van just as happy as can be to run up the sidewalk and into the school doors. She knows just where her hook is to hang her backpack and exactly where to find her classroom and her cubby. She just spins around and give me a quick wave and a "Bye mom!!!" as she runs to the door. When I pick her up, no sooner is she in the car when she begins telling me about what craft she made or what she had for snack. The teacher is always still buckling her in her carseat when she is telling me all about her day. As we pull out of the parking lot, I always have to hand her her backpack so she can pull everything out and hand me her things one by one...the picture she drew, the birthday invitation, the newsletter, the craft she made, the paper on which she learned to cut straight lines, or the receipt for her tuition payment, haha. Today she had a goody bag full of candy (lovely) from a child's birthday. I guess the mom thought it'd be nice to send goody bags for all the children in the class. Well, C typically doesn't get much candy, so she sure was excited to show me everything she had. There was gum, pixie stix, whoppers, kit kats, etc...She pulled out the gum and I told her that she was too little to have gum. Then we she got home she was just dying to open the pixie stix. I told her to wait until after she ate lunch, well....while I was outside walking the dog, she broke into it - obviously - since when I returned inside there was blue sugar all over the kitchen table. So, being the good mom, I took rest of it and told her to open her mouth. I slowly poured a little bit on her tongue. Haha, I guess it was pretty sour, because she puckered up and didn't want the rest! (Whew, we don't have to deal with pixie stix for a while longer!)

Anyway, this is getting long and rambly, so I'll cut it off. I think I'll go read a little bit of the book entitled, "Life on Planet Mom" that was distributed to all us MOPS moms. Both my kids are napping and this is a VERY rare occurrence, so I am going to soak it up for everything I can :-)

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