Monday, August 30, 2010


I am not very organized. I am "clean" but not all that organized. In fact, each time my mom comes to my house, she reorganizes my pantry and linen closet - because it needs it. Come to think of it, my awesome friend from TN organized my pantry when she visited me last time too. When you open my tupperware cabinet, hold out one hand because it is inevitable that things will topple out on you...this is also true of my pots and pans.

My mom says when you have a the third child (I was one of 3), that THAT is when you HAVE to get organized. Well, I only have two kids, so I guess I still have some time :-)

With all that being said, LOOK AT MY LAUNDRY ROOM!!!
(I am not sure why they are all a little blurry. I guess my camera was acting up.)
The 3 drawer bins are mostly filled with school things for C. Things like coloring books, markers and finger paint, workbooks, crafts, Level One reading books, etc. The white wooden cabinet houses all her Sonlight curriculum books.

This is the first time I have ever had a real laundry room. And what a laundry room it is! It's huge! And oh so useful right off my kitchen! Praise God for this floor plan that gives me a space for all of my things :-)

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