Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Inquiring minds will ask

My funny girl, age 4, is on a role today. She has made me laugh with her funny comments on 3 separate occasions in the last 6 hours. These are too good not to share...

First, we were driving on the interstate in our van. She and D are quiet in the back seat (yes, quiet). Completely randomly, she says,
"We have a goat too!"
What on earth is she talking about? I guess she can sense my thoughts because then she adds:
"Look on the steering wheel!!"
Its then that I noticed the Dodge "Ram" emblem on my steering wheel and look up and see the DodgeRam pick-up that just passed us. She was simply realizing that we had the same kind of car...a Goat.

This afternoon, we're driving again. In this area public transportation is really popular so you see a lot of people walking and waiting at bus stops all over the place. Its fun to people watch as we drive. Well, it must have got her to thinking because out of nowhere she asked me:
"Why does everyone have a head?"
I then tried to explain about brains and stuff, but still, what kind of funny question is that? Who really wonders that?

Lastly, we are driving home from the last errand and sitting in traffic. Its stop and go through lights. As we were sitting at one light, she asks me,
"what is that foggy thing?"
I look all around and don't see anything "foggy" so I ask her where she sees it. Its then that she directs my attention to the arm hanging out of the compact car next to us...holding a cigarette. I laughed and told her, "oh, thats a cigarette." She replies (her exact words),
"where exactly do you put it?....on your face?"
Haha, I scooted up a bit so she could watch the man take a few puffs. It makes me realize how sheltered she is. I had no idea she had never seen a cigarette before!!!


  1. I just laughed out loud at the "We have a goat too!"

  2. Precious little girl! I miss her and her hilarious comments! Give her hugs for me! Miss you guys :)