Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few Firsts

Being that N is only 12 days old as I write this, most things that he experiences are still his "firsts." I thought I'd share a few of the big ones with you :-)

He has had his first bath...a sponge bath.
He has worn his first cloth diaper...a prefold with a newborn cover.
He has gone on his first walk to the playground in the new stroller.
He has been toted around in our new baby carrier for the first time.
This was technically the second time he was in the carrier, but I liked this picture more since I actually had on makeup and real clothes!
Yes, this is why babywearing is snuggly!
He has spent his first Mother's Day with our family.
He has even slept through the night for the first time - he slept for a full 7 hours!! I'm not sure if its okay for him to be doing this...we'll find out Tuesday at his 2-week doctor's appointment!

I know this list of "firsts" will only continue to grow longer and longer as the days and weeks pass. I have already had a bit of a cry because as all these "firsts" pass for N, I am experiencing many "lasts." Being that N is pretty definitely our last baby, each thing he experiences for the first time and each milestone he reaches will be the "last first time" for me as a mom. That may seem dumb to many of you, but really, I am having a hard time with it.

I am adamant to make breastfeeding work long term because this is the last shot I'll have at it.

I am already carrying N around WAY more than I carried the other two. I even tried to start typing this entry with him swaddled and in my left just didn't work, so he is now snoozing in the bouncy seat.

You get the idea though...he has "firsts" and I have "lasts."

Motherhood is hard. Watching my kids get older is even harder. I don't want these children to grow up. Can't I just freeze time for a little while?

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