Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Next Chapter

This month turned the page into a new chapter in my life.
I am no longer of mom of "just" little kids. I now have a school-aged child. I couldn't be more proud of my big girl. She is adjusting beautifully to her new full-time, all-day-long, 5 days-a-week school life.
I even bit the bullet and let her ride the bus with her girlfriends.

Everyone asks me if I cried when I sent her off on the first day. The answer actually surprised me because I didn't cry at all. In fact, I was very ready for it. She was ready too...

What I wasn't ready for was my life at home with just my boys - my little. needy. boys.
Don't get me wrong.

My little boys are two of the most precious gifts I've ever been given. But without their big sister around, our whole household dynamic has changed.

Its a bit calmer in the house without D and C bickering. But its also kind of boring since D doesn't have his BFF to play with him.

We've been going to the playground as much as possible to get out of the house. D is making some new friends. I love seeing him build friendships with other little boys. He now has three new friends - all little boys. All their names start with, "L." Its so cute!

MOPS has started back up again. Praise the Lord!!

PWOC has started back up too. I am going to be doing a bible study called "Raising Responsive Children" because well, basically, I need to learn how to "raise responsive children!"

I am very thankful to have a busy schedule each week. It keeps us up and running. It keeps life interesting.

In the meantime, I am building new relationships with more gals (dare I call them "ladies?"). I am loving all my friends - new and old. I feel like God is teaching me and shaping me through them. Teaching me about motherhood, and patience, and preparing my heart for what may or may not be in my future (More children? Homeschool?). He is showing me Himself through these sweet girls in my life. I am blessed beyond belief to have "sisters" so near me even though my true sisters are hundreds of miles away.

I need to wrap this up. Thing One and Thing Two are up early from their naps. Toddler boy is counting rocks next to me on the desk, and baby boy is swinging in the travel swing at my feet. I am finding peace in the words in Laura Story's song, "Blessings" while I juggle the boys' needs.

Have a wonderful day, my bloggity blog world friends!

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