Thursday, November 17, 2011


My middlest started preschool this week.

I can't really believe we are at this stage for him because it seems like yesterday that I was at Ft. Bragg dropping C off at preschool and spending three mornings a week with just my little baby boy. We bonded. We went everywhere together. He never went in childcare. He always went with me.

And now here we are. I am now taking him to preschool and spending the mornings with my youngest, my next little baby...who goes everywhere with me.

Its like my family and life with D, my middle man, has come full circle in just two short years.

My same baby boy that runs around in a shirt and underwear most days, still pleads with me before every nap to "leep with me, mommy," kisses his sister goodbye moments before she steps on the school bus, and snuggles into my lap sucking his thumb to read a story is now going to school.

Some days he looks so big.

And then just moments later, he seems so little.

He did great on his first day. I knew he would. I said good bye to him twice as he stood on the little rug with his classmates. He was more interested in the children throwing fits and having a hard time saying goodbye than he was in me.

There may have been a part of me that wanted him to throw a tiny fit about me leaving. Or maybe just cling to me a little longer. But he didn't.

He just stood there quietly waiting for instruction from his teacher. Like I said, I kissed him and hugged him twice...and then I slowly walked out the door...peering over my shoulder and watching him as I did.

When I came to pick him up, his teacher said he did great. She said, "he belongs here." I couldn't be more proud of my little big guy. My crazy D.

All I can say is watch out world. D is ready to take you on. He is starting with matching cards, using the boys' bathroom, and learning his 5 senses, but he's coming.

And he's a heartbreaker...


  1. Another wonderful post by one of the best mommies out there! I love how you love your children. I couldn't be more proud of you and your wonderful family that you and B have created. I am thankful you are blogging about these special moments.

  2. Oh gosh, he certianly is a heartbreaker! That last pictures is priceless!
    I can't believe he's going to preschool... man... he is getting so big!