Saturday, December 3, 2011


Warning - nursing pictures to follow!

When I was still pregnant with my baby girl 6 years ago, I was talking one day to a friend who had 4 children. I told her that I was a little sad because once I had the baby, there wouldn't be this secret bond between she (baby) and I anymore. See, each time she moved and kicked, only she and I knew it.

Other people would know if I told them, but really, it was mostly just our secret. I was already sad that once she entered this world, that would be gone. No more secret bond.

My friend so lovingly told me that it doesn't end. She said, if you nurse your baby, that secret continues. That bond lives on.

She was right. Right for C. Right for D. And now right for N.

Being that N is most likely my last baby, I really want to remember that secret that we share. After seeing some nursing photography online earlier this week, I thought that a couple pictures may be the perfect way to document and remember this short period in our relationship as mother and baby.

I would have been far too modest to ever do anything like this when I had C. In fact back then, I nursed in dressing rooms, bathrooms, and my car when we were out. Its no wonder I stopped so early on.

But by now, with the third, I see the beauty in breast feeding. I nurse anywhere I want. With no shame.

My dearest over at Sarah Spencer Photography was very willing to help me in this endeavor. What she captured touched me deeply. These pictures are more perfect than I ever imagined they would be. They capture the secret.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sarah. I can't wait to do the same for you.

And just because I love him...


  1. Oh my golly goodness. That first picture of him grabbing your nose made me smile so big! What a little stinker. I love that him and Charlie are at the exact same stage, I feel like I'm sharing this whole experience with you!
    These really are such beautiful pictures. His little eyes looking up at you make my heart melt. You will treasure these always!

  2. These are so beautiful! I LOVE THEM! I love how he grabs your nose, etc. Ella does that too, and it is the cutest thing:)