Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trimming the fat

Remember me?

Its been a month since I've been here. And its been about that long since I have even read any blogs. Sorry, blogging friends :-(

I will now tell you why.

I am trimming the fat. Not just the fat on my body, haha - but all the fat in my life.

And blogging is...well, fat. At least in my life, its fat.

I don't know why I feel this way. Maybe its because I am turning 30 this year. Or maybe its because my oldest child is almost finished with kindergarden. Or maybe its simply because God is changing and reshaping my heart.

The reasoning doesn't matter to me as much as the result.

And the result:

Less filler and fluff in my life = More quality time with my family

Its simple, really. I am praying about what is getting eliminated. And He is leading me.

I want more time with my kids. More time with less stress to sit and enjoy them. Stare at them. I want more mornings where I have nowhere to be but home....or a park or a playdate if I so decide. I want less commitments and more laughter. Less rushing. More playing (which equates to more sword fighting and wrestling).

And its not just about the kids.

I desire more time with my own friends! I want to have coffee and chat. I want to make phone calls and reconnect with friends across the country.

I need more time with my husband. There is so much to that. But I will leave it at that.

There are some things that will be sticking around.

My new business is here to stay - but I will not be packing in photo sessions every single weekend. When I book as many sessions as I want to do per month, then I am booked. I am going to commit to that for myself and for my family.

My workouts are staying. Maybe not every single day....but regularly. Including the new Praise Moves Yoga class I recently started.

MOPS will always be there. I don't know exactly what my role will be next year. But I will stay in MOPS. I need MOPS.

Sports for the kids will be cut. Weekday Bible studies and PWOC have been cut. Blogging has been cut - at least regular and ongoing blogging has been cut. I turned down a position at church this week. A position I would have loved to do. But now is just not the time...and I am okay with that.

Its just that everything that I do competes for my time and attention.

Time is fleeting. Life is short. Kids grow fast.

How else can I say it?

What on this beautiful Earth is more important than the family that God has given to me to grow, love, and protect?

Absolutely nothing.

Times like these won't always be around.

Barbie bikes, Hello Kitty socks, and Twinkle Toes will be gone in the blink of eye. I want to treasure them while they are still here.

For now, these are the faces that matter. Everything else is just fat.

I will still be around. Just not as much. It has taken me weeks to even get around to writing this blog entry. I won't promise that I will be reading blogs much either. Because reading blogs means more time sitting in front of the computer. And less time with my loves.

I hope you understand. I am sure many of you do and can relate. Thanks for reading! I promise another entry will come. I just can't promise when that will be :-)

If you need me, I will be outside - watching this.

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  1. I could not have said it any better myself. Everytime I read your blog I always understand exactly how you feel... I'm so proud of you Randi, and so glad your heart is changing in this way. In the long run the only thing that matters is family. Not blogging, tv, iphones, a busy schedule.. You are such a good mama!