Wednesday, March 14, 2012

On Hold

Shortly after writing my last blog entry about clearing my schedule and downsizing my commitments, I made a big decision. It didn't come without a lot of thought and input from those that I respect, but mostly, it came straight from my heart.

I have decided to put starting my photography business on hold. This was hard because I love photography with so much in me. I crave it. Sometime I even think in pictures. As in, I think..."how can I capture this moment? What would it look like in a print? What is the light doing? Oh the sun is so radiant beaming behind that runner....what a glorious photograph that would make."

That may seem strange to you, but its really how I feel. However, I have learned that running a photography business does not go hand in hand with loving photography...necessarily.

After all, above all else, it is a BUSINESS. And a business requires a big commitment - an organization commitment, a time commitment, and a legal commitment. The further I got into these the more I realized that I don't want to make any of these commitments right now.

I just want to take pictures.
Of what I want.
When I want.
With no commitments.

Rest assured that I will still keep my camera at my fingertips. I am even ordering a backdrop stand and a couple backdrops. I am already brainstorming N's cake smash session for his birthday party and I am always on the lookout for great photo spots.

I very much think that I will come back to my business some day in the future. Maybe when N is 2. Maybe when he is 4. I am really not sure. For now, I will keep growing in my skills, learning new editing techniques, enjoying shooting what I love, and smiling when I capture what I want.

And one day when I grow up, I will once again resume my business. :-)

Here are are few of my most recent captures of some of my favorite subjects.

C and her gal pal playing in the wet rocks in their nice dresses.

And a rare picture of me and my girl. Thanks, Sarah Spencer!


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