Tuesday, April 6, 2010

90 Day Results

I am not actually completely done with all of 90 days worth of my Chalean Extreme Workouts because I went out of town on the last 4 days and missed all 4 of the last workouts. I am working on making up those last 4 days right now before I consider myself "done" with Round 1, but since I don't think my body is going to change that drastically in the next 4 days, I went a head and had my mom take my "after" pictures :-) It's a wonderful transformation!

I am still pretty amazed at the results that I achieved in only 90 days. I lost a total of 28.6 pounds! (my goal was 30 lbs, but seriously, I am very happy with 28.6!) I lost 32 inches all over my body and dropped my body fat percentage from 32.5% to 22.7%. CRAZY!!!

For those of you that are super interested in the breakdown of where all those inches came from, I lost:
6.5 inches in my waist
5.5 inches in my hips
5.5 inches from my abductors
4.75 inches from my chest
1.75 inches in my left upper arm
2 inches in my right upper arm
3 inches in my left thigh
3 inches in my right thigh

And I went from a snug size 14 pants down to a decently lose/comfortable size 10. Yahoo! New clothes for the Spring! My size large/XL shirts no longer fit well and are now being replaced with all size mediums. Its a great day to be in the dressing room with me :-)

Aside from my physical results, I feel that I have grown a lot in these 90 days as well. I learned that I am not a slave to my body. I build it and shape it the way I want it to be. I learned that every bite contains calories that can either work for or against me. I am now choosing foods that offer big nutritional bang for the buck (or calorie). I learned that I can eat fast food and still make healthy choices. I learned how awesome it feel to be out of breath and dripping sweat. I learned that I am super strong and should probably not leave all the furniture moving/heavy lifting in the future to the men in my life. I learned that healthy food can taste amazing and that working out with my friends/family is an incredible way to bond with them!

I learned that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels :-)

Here are all my "After" shots!

Now on to Round 2 of Chalean Extreme...I've still got 20 more pounds to lose!

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