Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The trail of children...

Have you ever been to my house? If so, it probably looked decently clean and put together. Many of you have been to my house before, but rest assured, before you come, I do a clean sweep of toy stashing, clothes folding, and table wiping. Some few friends who come over unannounced (ahem...my neighbor) sometimes walk into the tornado ridden zone. I am no longer embarrassed by this because those select few of you who have babysat for me know how incredibly fast my children can trash (dump out bins of put-away toys) my clean living room :-)

But today, as I took a once around my dining room and living room and shook my head at the "trail of toys" that spanned from my feet around the couch and into the entry way, I thought...why not share this with those I love? This is my reality. This is the way my house looks from about 8am-6pm (with the exception of 1-3pm when I insist that it be cleaned while D naps - I need some sanity). After D goes to bed, C and I clean it all up so I can breathe easier once they are both asleep. But for now...here it goes....this is how my house REALLY looks if you were a fly on the wall - or an unannounced visitor :-)

The "train" table is more of a dumping ground - until they dump everything off of it to play on it.
Notice the empty bins :-(
Looks more like a crime scene to me...
I think I will miss seeing sippy cups laying around one day....
I think the couch pillows were being used as some sort of bridge. Or maybe a bed?
Why do I still have a bouncy seat out when my youngest child is almost 18 months old?
Because he likes to play in it of course :-)


  1. I love you... you make me smile. And I love the fact that David's enjoys his bouncy seat. Great pics of a true reality show. Someday your house will be clean and quiet...and lonely. Enjoy your trail of toys and all the noise.

  2. I love this! It's so real! We all can't stash away all our toys/secets! thanks for your honesty! I'm right there with you!