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Diapers, diapers, and more diapers!

This is my blog and since I am in charge of what goes into it, I can write about whatever I want. So, I am sorry if this doesn't interest you, dear reader - you should continue to read on and open your mind to see what I am doing and very much enjoying! This post is going to be on my beloved cloth diapers. :-)

I started cloth diapering D back in the spring and I started by ordering 2 Bum Genius one-size Pocket diapers. This is a diaper that has a waterproof outer "shell" and an inner soft suede-cloth that keeps them "feeling dry." Between these two layers is a pocket where you can stuff an insert in to absorb all the pee. The inserts that came with these diapers are microfiber, but you can order different ones made of hemp and bamboo. You could also stuff a cotton prefold (the old-school cloth diaper) in there as well. Pocket diapers are held on by either aplix (a super strong velcro) or by snaps. The nice thing about these particular pocket diapers is that the rise in the diaper can be snapped down for smaller babies and be unsnapped for larger babies. This makes it last much longer on a fast growing infant! Here is a pic of D in his very first cloth diaper...the Bum Genius 3.0...

There are many different brands of "pocket" diapers on the market, but they are all generally the same concept. You stuff some sort of absorbent material between the water-proof layer (which can be fleece too!) and an inner "stay dry" layer. After using these for a few months, they are not my very favorites, but I love how well they work and how well they fit D. These are hands down one of the most "husband friendly" diapers I have. B grabs these almost every time he diapers our son.

The next diaper I'd like to share with you is what you probably think of when you think of a cloth diaper - a prefold. They are like the gerber cloth diapers everyone uses for burp rags except the ones meant for diapering are much more absorbent and fluffy. The ones I have are made by Bummis and they are made of unbleached organic cotton. The ones I have fit babies from 15-30 pounds. Prefolds are meant to be used with a waterproof cover on top to prevent leaks, but they can be left coverless around the house or outside. This is a very breathable option and would be great when baby has a rash of some kind. D tends to "unvelcro" any cover that I put over them, so he is frequently allowed in the house coverless. Fortunately, I have several fleece covers that stay put with snaps that he can't figure out! He uses these for naps or for when I can't watch him like a hawk to make sure he's not getting anything wet, haha. The covers also help hold in poop by providing a nice elastic leg and back to help contain anything that didn't get absorbed into the prefold. There are several different ways to fold a prefold on a baby. I am not going to go into that on here, but just know that there are different ways that may work better for each mom/baby combo. I gererally prefer a fold called the "bikini twist" that provides a slimmer crotch fold and ample room on the sides to use my snappi. A snappi can take the place of diaper pins (although many people still like to pin!) and is a "Y" shaped stretchy thing...made of plastic I guess. It has little "teeth" that grab into the diaper on each hip and then down on the crotch. This is all very similar to the concept of the grabbers that hold on an ace bandage when you wrap your ankle :-) My snappi is awesome and can get my diapers nice and snug. I would love to have another one as my one gets LOTS of use. I LOVE it! Here are a few pics of D in a prefold without a cover on...

Next, I'll share with you some info about a Fitted diaper. A fitted diaper is a diaper that goes underneath a waterproof cover. Fitted diapers are held on with snaps or velcro...and some use a snappi. They are generally very absorbent and can be made of bamboo, hemp or cotton. I use a Sustainablebabyish organic bamboo fitted diaper on D for overnight. They are very soft and very absorbant. Here is a picture...
And this is a picture of the inside. It has two flaps that are attached at each end. They lay in the center and absorb absorb absorb!
I use this fitted diaper at night with a Dancing Bears fleece soaker. A fleece soaker is a pull on fleece cover. It has no elastic that could cut into D's legs or belly. It is just all soft fleece! D wears this cute combo with a long sleeved T-Shirt and a pair of socks. He is so warm and snugly!

Another example of a fitted diaper is my Motherease one-size fitted diaper. This one is made of cotton and feels very much like a soft towel. I usually add a fleece liner in the crotch so D gets a "stay dry" feeling. It seems bulky in the crotch but because its all so soft, it kinda bunches up nicely and absorbs very well. Plus the snaps that hold it on are great! I can get a great fit with this diaper. Here is a picture of D in this amazing fitted diaper!

Next up is the All In One Diaper. This is a diaper where there is a waterproof outer shell and an inner absorbent part all in one - no stuffing or covers needed. I use these when I go out since they are the quickest and easiest to change. They are just like a disposable diaper! B uses these diapers every time he changes D..and I certainly don't complain - I am just glad he's willing to use my cloth dipaers...and clean out the poop! Here are pictures of my favorite two:

First up is the Bum Genius Organic All In One with snaps (notice the snaps on the front that allow this diaper to snap down to fit a smaller baby...or check out the link if you're confused)

Next is a SposoEasy All In One with aplix closure.

I use a variety of covers for my fitted and prefold diapers. My favorite ones are my fleece covers because the fleece doesn't allow the moisture to get out and leak but it remains very breathable and soft. Plus, mine are either "pull on" like a pair of shorts or snap on - so D can't get it off on his own! I also have a few that have the waterproof layer sewn in between two layers of softer fabric with the outer fabric being the softest "minkee" ever! D is modeling two of my favorite covers here...

This is D with his Dancing bears fleece soaker over his beautiful green fitted diaper. This is what he wears to bed..along with a long sleeved T-Shirt and socks! He wakes up dry everyday!

And this one is a Jam Tots Berry Plush cover over a prefold. This cover is so soft...its makes you just want to hug him and not put him down!

"it does feel soft, mom!"
"all this diaper modeling is making me sleepy"
SO VERY adorable!
So, thats my thoughts about cloth diapering. I LOVE IT and only wish I had started sooner. I love knowing that every time I wash and reuse a diaper that I am saving money...and the planet, haha. Cloth diapering is also so good for D's little bum. He hasn't had anything of a rash since starting a few months ago. Washing the diapers is a breeze and cleaning off poop is a piece of cake (since I use flush-able liners frequently). I figure that motherhood is full of puke, spit-up, pee, touching raw chicken and hamburger meat, taking out the smelly trash, cleaning toilets, scrubbing mildewy tile grouts, and GIVING BIRTH! Seriously, what's a little poop gonna do to me???

If you want to look more into cloth diapering, I highly suggest my friend's blog. Just click here and read about everything you may ever need to know. She has done an excellent job discussing everything cloth! Also, I would recommend this website (Banana Peels Diapers) for any further information and to look at other cloth diapering products. I place the majority of my orders through them and love the girl that runs it. She is SUPER helpful! So, there you have it. I hope you learned something and that the "coolness" of cloth surprised you like it surprised me!

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