Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Quiet Week...

This week has been a wonderful week so far. My mom and grandma came to visit over the weekend and then they took C home with them so I could have a week-long break from my 3 year old and so that she could have a super fun week with Omi! First of all, we had a blast with my mom and grandma over the weekend. I was so excited to have them here that I dragged them all around town. Fortunately, they are both superb and long winded shoppers, so we browsed our way all over the place!

C was so excited to leave on Monday morning with them... "with no mommy." She was really happy to have Daddy put her car seat in Omi's car (whenever we go anywhere, everyone rides with me so we don't have to switch the she rarely gets to ride in anyone else's vehicle). I packed her Dora lunch box full of snacks and a sippie cup for the road. My mom later told me they had to stop twice for C's bathroom breaks and my mom ended up having to buy two happy meals because C wasn't clear about what she wanted for lunch. Since being home, my mom has taken her to Target and got her a blue icee and popcorn as well as a color changing Barbie. They have made cookies and lemon poppyseed muffins and when my my asked her if she wanted "green beans" with her dinner....C responded by telling her, "no, blue beans." haha!

My mom is constantly calling me to tell me funny things C is doing and how much fun she is having. I know my mom is enjoying this exhausting week and C is probably having the time of her life (you know, eating dreamsicles for dessert and getting a tootsie pop as a soothing reward after skinning her knee). I on the other hand am just enjoying the peace and quiet that goes with having a 9 month old who loves to nap :-)

D and I went to Target as well and I found myself talking to him as if he were actually going to respond to me, haha. I have noticed that he is "talking" more since C has been gone. I guess when she is here, he doesn't feel the need to speak. I think he'd rather just listen to her. I have done laundry and dishes and have rarely even had the TV on. I am just enjoying the quiet. Unfortunately, my car is having an issue so it is currently at the shop getting a few hundred dollars worth of work done (Arrrgggg, I HATE having to spend money on things that don't actually get me anything "new" - at least when the washing machine broke, I got a new one to show for my expense...this time, all I am getting is some new valve that is probably tucked where I can't see it!) I would SO much rather spend money on the beautiful natural bamboo diapers I've been drooling over online!

Anyway, my laundry has quit spinning and rinsing and I can hear little D "talking" in his bed. I need to go get him up and switch the clothes into the dryer. I'll be heading back to Atlanta on Friday to visit and pick up C. I know I will be thrilled to see her as I do actually miss her sweetness and hugs...and her constant chatter. I hope she is excited to see me too :-)

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