Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New Puppy!

If you want to know the reason I haven't written anything in almost a week, here she is:

Yes, we got a puppy. She is a 6 week old miniature dachshund that we named, "Darby." I am still not quite sure how we ended up getting her since I am pretty much the most unlikely person to be called an "animal lover." See, I am lover of people, not animals, yet somehow I felt like my family wasn't quite complete without a "family dog" (I have the movie, Marley and Me to thank for that).

We had decided that if we ever got a dog, we'd get a miniature dachshund since they were small, adorable, didn't need to be groomed, and didn't have a terrible yappy bark. I wanted to be able to just throw the dog in the car with me when I travel and have something to sit in my lap in the evenings when B deploys again. So, when we went to Petsmart on Saturday to get C a beta fish (which we also got!), we checked out the cats and dogs for adoption. This got us thinking more about getting a dog ourselves. We actually went out to a shelter and checked out an older dachshund, but just didn't fall in love. We went home and looked through the classifieds and found a family with 2 puppies for sale. I called them, they gave us directions and off we went! The moment we saw little "Darby," we knew we couldn't leave without her! We wrapped her up in a towel and sat her in my lap and headed home :-)

Thus begins our adventure as dog owners! We had to stop on the way home and get some food and a few puppy chew toys. We made her a box for a house until my mom can bring us a crate and we bought child gates so we can keep her contained in the she can't eat my furniture...and so she doesn't get stepped on! In the meantime, I haven't been able to get much done because sweet Darby is just a baby and is very similar to a human newborn...she cries a lot and mouths (Ahem - CHEWS) on everything, she has to be taken outside a million times and still pees and poops in the house :-) I am constantly cleaning up after her, taking her out, and playing with her. Oh yeah, and I have a preschooler and an infant as well! (And my washing machine broke!) Needless to say, we've been pretty busy...but its a been a "good" busy. Darby is a wonderful addition that is giving me many reasons to smile and laugh. I can't help but to laugh when Darby tries to chew on C's toes, so C runs away from her yelling, "No Biting!" Darby thinks this is a wonderful game and proceeds to chase C around the house until C finds refuge on the leather ottoman or couch...leaving Darby jumping all around the base still trying to get those tasty toes!

Here is a cute picture of the two of them in a more loving moment:

So, now we are a family with a mom, a dad, two kids and a puppy! We have arrived!

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  1. Oh my goodness! You are the perfect little family now Darby is so adorable, I can hardly stand it. I cannot wait for you guys to come home so that I can see her. I miss you guys so much!