Sunday, September 26, 2010

Strawberry Snuggle Bug

There are so many things that are the same day-in and day-out. Things that get boring and mundane. Unload and re-load the dishwasher. Change a diaper. Brush my teeth. Get the kids cups of juice and breakfast. Get C an afternoon snack....two packs of fruit snacks in a bowl. You know what I mean, right?

There is one daily ritual I do that I sometimes dread but never mind once I'm doing it. Each night I tuck in our little man. He always wants his mommy to rock him and be his final face before he heads to the land of nod. It's because of this that my husband always tucks in our 4 year old. He gets her snuggled into her big queen size bed (we had no place to put our old mattress set when we got a new one last month - just in case you were wondering why she has a queen size bed) with all her dolls and animals. He and I both head downstairs for a few minutes alone before we have to head to bed ourselves.

But then the inevitable happens....we hear the gate at the bottom of the stairs unlatch and C comes out from around the corner.

"I need mommy to sleep with me."

Sometimes we tell her just to head back to bed. But this rarely ever works. She is persistant and will hang out at the bottom of the stairs until I follow her back up to her bed.

So there I go. Up the stairs behind her. I usher her into her big bed and although she has two pillows and plenty of room, she and I snuggle on one pillow. Her hair is always in my face. I think she just loves to be as close as possible to me. Tonight she smelled like her shampoo - like strawberries. She was so fresh and clean. And so sweet and innocent. Within a minute or two she quickly flips around and faces away from me.

"Mama, can you scratch my back?"

She ALWAYS asks this as she is lifting up her shirt preparing for the scratching. This is near and dear to me since I used to always ask my grandma to scratch my back. She would always do it. She never said "no." I try and remember this as I scratch C's back every time she asks. Her back is so little that I can't do much moving of my hand before it runs right off her back, haha. She's still so tiny.

After this she flips back around for a few more snuggles before I kiss her and tell her that I'm heading back downstairs. She always asks me what we're going to do tomorrow. She's such a planner :-)

Truthfully, I do get tired of rocking and snuggling with D before laying him down (and then often having to redo it when he fusses) and then heading back upstairs to snuggle with C. So, I try and take in the sweetness of it all. It really is wonderful and awesome. I love to be able to soothe and comfort my children. I love that they need me and want me above all else. I do love the way they smell and the way their skin is still so soft and pure.

Here is a picture of my Strawberry Snuggle Bug from this morning in her new church dress. (from an awesome consignment sale yesterday!) She is still so little and sweet :-)

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  1. You are an awesome Mommy! Thank you for loving your children and taking such good care of them! These years really will fly by and you'll be so glad you did these things for them. They will remember...they can feel how much you care about them.