Friday, October 21, 2011

Its just too much fun!!

I know I have been passionate about many things in my adult years (and probably way before that!) Cloth diapers, car seat safety, and Chalean Extreme are all things that easily come to mind :-)

But this is the first time my passion has turned into extra money for me and my family! My photography business is taking off way faster that I had imagined [runs around the room jumping up and down]. I am completely booked for sessions up into December!

I am still in awe of this. Mostly because I am very critical of my work. Even though I know photography is an art and I can do it however I want to do it, I still wonder if I am "good enough" to be charging "real money" for it. But then I remember that people can choose to use me - or not to use me.

In the meantime I have been having so much fun taking pictures every day. I am also learning more ways to edit and change their look a bit. I am still discovering what I like, what I don't like, and the limits of my equipment - my camera...thats the only "equipment" I have haha! I am also discovering what "equipment" I'd like to invest in as I begin to make money.

First on my agenda is a speedlight - basically a flash. Its way different than the one that is already attached to my camera. I despise using the one that pops up on my camera. It provides unnatural, ultra bright, straight-on blinding light. YUCK!

My super sweet neighbor offered to let me borrow her Nikon speedlight to try out for a few days. It was love at first *flash.* :-)

I took these pictures in low light inside my home - well, and my friend's home. These pictures are not edited lighting-wise in anyway. Check out the awesome soft light!

I think I now need a speed light :-)
My friend's dog
My own little model...
Don't mind her huge bruise. She slipped in the rain last night outside :-(
And then there is the editing fun!! So many ways to play with the same goes WAY beyond color vs. black and white. Check out some shots of my littlest model. Naked on our kitchen floor :-)
And my sweet birthday boy...
Also wanted to mention, for what its worth....
I listened to Christmas songs the whole time I was creating this post. I love Christmas. Even in October.


  1. AH! N's cute little bare bottom photo, I LOVE IT :-)

  2. Another great post from you! And there's nothing wrong with listening to Christmas music...anytime!