Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Six Months Old

My sweet little baby turns 6 months old next week.

I can't believe he's already been here for 6 months.

I mean, he still seems so new. He is still very young. He still isn't eating any solids...only breastmilk - and only from the breast. He is still waking up regularly at night. But he does sleep in his own bed. And he can roll back and forth all over the place. He likes to hold toys. He loves to be held and to wrap his arms around the back of my neck and touch my hair. He LOVES to be worn in a baby carrier. He finally tolerates his infant car seat and rides in relative silence. He loves his paci and any small blanket type "lovey" that he can grab and cling to. He also loves his brother and sister.

The Lord has blessed me greatly with Nathan...my baby boy.

To reminisce, I dug out an older picture my husband took just moments after N was born. Its one of my very favorites!
And then here he was just this afternoon. Making one of his favorite faces :-)

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  1. They grow too fast =( Guess we'll just have to keep having more... ;-)