Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday my Little Love

My Dearest Little D,
I can't believe you are one year old already. It feels like only yesterday we were in the hospital holding you for the first time. I remember the overwhelming joy I felt when you were born and how I cried the purest tears of sheer delight. I remember the first time I nursed you and how special it was. I remember when your big sister came in to meet you and how excited she was as well. I fondly remember the first time we changed your diaper and you peed on us, your blankets, and yourself, haha. I remember when your Daddy deployed and you were then the man of our house at only 15 days old. Your seemingly endless crying bought me to tears on more than one occasion but each time I nursed you or finally got you to sleep after the bouncing, rocking, and swaying, I would gaze at your precious face and fall in love all over again. I remember tucking you snuggly into your warm and cozy car seat and driving back and forth to Atlanta. I remember you swinging in your swing late into the night by only the light of our christmas tree. I remember holding your sweet little swaddled body close to mine as I rocked you in those early days. You truly were my littlest love.

Now, as I watch you speed crawl down the hall and devour a piece of cake in a matter of minutes, I can't believe you are a whole year old. You've gained about 16 pounds and developed the sweetest personality. You smile your beautiful dimply smile and flash your 4 pearly whites and it nearly melts my heart. You vigorously splash in the bathtub and hang your head in shame when I tell you "no." You want me or your daddy whenever you are sad or have been hurt. I saw this today at the doctor when after getting 4 shots, the moment I picked you up, you stopped crying and settled into my arms. Tonight as I rocked you and gave you your nighttime bottle, you drank, then pushed away the bottle, tucked your little arm under my arm, popped your left thumb in your mouth, settled your head in the crook of my arm, and closed your eyes. I rocked and rocked...a little longer than normal. Soon you will be too big to fit so comfortably in my arms when we rock. Even as it is, your feet hang off the arm rest of the glider. I know you'll continue to grow too fast leaving me wondering where the days of my little man went. Thank you for your love. Thank you for being my son. Thank you for being more than I ever hoped you would be. I love you more than words can say. Happy Birthday my little love.

With an Endless Love,

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