Monday, October 12, 2009


holy experience
A friend of mine blogged about a beautiful blog that she stumbled across. I checked out the link like I so often do - it's kind of like "blog hopping" - and I fell in love. A Holy Experience is not only gorgeous to look at and listen to, but it is so well written! It is full of Christ and His goodness. I just love it. Well, it's author, Ann (as if I know her, haha) has started a group called the "Gratitude Community." Basically, its a challenge to be blessed by counting the graces from God - all the beautiful things He has given or provided in my life. The idea is to count 1000 gifts from God...truly the gifts are endless, but 1000 is a great goal. So, I joined the community and plan on recording the gifts from God every Monday...sometimes I may only have a couple and somedays I may list a whole bunch! I will record as the Spirit leads...

1. A God that loves me more than I can ever comprehend.
2. Music that moves my spirit.
3. My beautiful daughter.
4. The sweetest son.
5. A husband that serves.
6. My minivan that faithfully transports me in comfort and safety.
7. My education and the opportunity to acquire it in the first place.
8. The roof over my head.
9. A mom that still takes care of me.
10. Friends that know me as well as my own family knows me.

These are coming to me faster than I can write, so I think I am going to stop there tonight. I will have to consider how I am going to do this...maybe I'll record them more often than once a week. :-) Praise Him!

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