Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm an addict...

I feel like my blog should be about what's on my mind, so I will share with you today what I can't get off my mind. I think I am an addict. Seriously, I think I am.... Want to know what I can't get enough of? It's wool! I know it sounds goofy but it's the truth and since I try and be truthful on here, I feel as though I should blog about my addiction.

Every time I sit down at the computer, I can't help but search my favorite websites for what wool is on sale and who is selling some used pieces. See, if you don't know, wool is used as a covering for a fitted cloth diaper. It takes the place of a plastic covering. The wool used on babies is so soft and cozy...never scratchy and thin. I just recently started using wool on D and I absolutely love it. The problem is that wool is generally pretty expensive, so for now, all I can do is drool over the wool online.

Want to see what I stalk online? These are the pieces I am currently dreaming about...

Disana Pull on Cover in the beautiful colors :-) These are decently affordable and look really comfy.

Sustainablebabyish interlock wool pants...these are $64 so they are WAY out of my price range..but I do hope to have a pair one day. I have heard they are so wonderfully cozy, practical, and adorable. These are what I drool over the most....

Sustainablebabyish interlock wool soaker. The same beauty as the pants above but slightly more affordable and would probably be great for the spring to wear in place of shorts...except they actually sell the shorts as well...that would probably be even better!! Check this out to see how cute the pants/shorts and soakers look on kiddos!

This whole set of the wool pants, matching fitted diaper, and matching shirt. So cute and drool worthy!!!!

Everything made by Little Beetle, haha. I have the wool pants I love them more I probably should. I would LOVE the little shorts for D in the spring or summer...or under PJs.

How could I forget the Woollybottoms? These are affordable and adorable and they work great! I could get one of everything on this website :-)

There definitely is more that I look at. Mostly here on Diaper Swappers - where mom's sell and trade all things cloth diapering. There are so many adorable custom knitted or sewn wool interlock pants/shorts/soakers out there!! Ahhh!

So, thats my new addiction. I only have three wool pieces for D and I just adore them all :-) I am thankful to have what I have but will hopefully be adding to the collection as I save up some money here and there $$$.

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