Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Energizer Diapers...they just keep going...and going...and going...

Want to know one reason cloth diapers are so fabulous?

My 20 month old son is still wearing the EXACT same diapers he wore when he was 6 months old. Seriously. The exact same ones. Where is that disposable diaper your baby wore 14 months ago?

Check it out!

This is a Bum Genius Pocket diaper. It is a one size diaper, so it grows with him as he grows. It was the very first cloth diaper I bought - and this is a picture of him wearing it for the first time at 6 month old.
Fast forward 14 is D in the same exact diaper at 20 months old. I converted it to snaps with a pair of snap pliers because the velcro got a little funky, but it still works great and is used about every 3 days!
This particular diaper costs $17.95. It does seem expensive up front, but it was definitely worth it! I have 3 of these and I love them and use them all the time.
This one does not show the diaper much, but it was too cute not to share :-)
And here he is in a Mother Ease one-size fitted diaper (needs a waterproof cover...although he goes coverless at home).
At about 7 months old
Same diaper at 20 months old...not bad for a diaper that only costs about $12 brand new. These diapers will last for multiple children. And yes, I do intend to prove that :-)
An action shot!
I have about 20-22 diapers in my rotation - half are pocket style/or all-in-ones that do not require a cover of any type and the other half are the Mother Ease fitted diapers that require a cover. D usually naps in these with a soft wool cover or just goes coverless around the house. I still very much enjoy washing my diapers (with watermelon scented detergent!) and buying/selling/trading them on Cloth diapering is way more than just a way to catch poo, it really is a hobby for thousands of moms - me included!!

So fun and SO stinkin' adorable :-)


  1. I intend to use cloth diapies with my future babies, too! Do you find them easy to wash? And, also, do they trap just as well as disposable?

  2. You will become addicted to them! They are really fun! Yes, they are easy to wash once you get a detergent that you like - you can't really use "normal" detergents since they leave residues...which lead to stink! And they trap 100% BETTER than disposables. I've never had a blow out and had less than one handful of leaks in the past 14 months. Disposables leak way way more than that :-) Lauren at Thread by Thread got me started with cloth :-) Her blog was so helpful!!!

  3. Love all the pics and comments! Esp. the pic of David in the star glasses! You are such a great mom...and take great care of your kiddos. Proud of you.