Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's here!

Today is FINALLY here!
My wonderful husband flies home very very late tonight. The plan for today is to make the hours go by as quickly as possible. C is going to a friend's house so I can make sure the house is super clean and ready for B's return. After dinner and baths, I will get the kids to bed and then begin work on myself...shower, do my hair and make up, and slip on my red dress (hey, I have to look my best you know!). My oh-so-helpful friend is coming over to sit at the house while I head to the airport to lay eyes (and hands) on the man I love.

I know there will be tears. I tear up thinking about seeing him :-) By the time we get home from the airport it will be in the wee hours of tomorrow...probably around 1am. But truthfully, I could care less about the time. I know I will be wide awake with adrenaline, haha!

B can't wait to peek in on the sleeping kids. I know he'll be shocked at how big they've gotten. He will laugh at all the animals and toys C sleeps with (last week when I checked on her, she was sleeping with her step stool that she had decorated with stickers - seriously!) and he will be in awe of how our little man looks so big sprawled out on his pillow covered with his blanket. He isn't a baby anymore...

We'll all be up super early the next morning since C knows that Daddy is coming home while she sleeps. I think she is picturing him coming in kind of like Santa, haha. Either way, she has told me she is going to get up early and come and sneak into our bed and "SNUGGLE!"

It's going to be a great 3 day weekend for us! Praise the Lord that this deployment has finally come to an end :-) I've learned a lot along the way but I am SO READY to have him home again!!

After all, we move (and report to our next duty station) in less than a month - I can't do that alone!


  1. Randi, I am so excited for you! I know you have been waiting for this day for so long, and how exciting that it is finally here! Praying for safe travel and a wonderful reunion! :)

  2. YAY! You made it! I'm so happy for you! Now go get that man of yours!