Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We have a house!

First of all, let me just get this out of the way:

8 MORE DAYS!! Yipee!!!

Okay :-) Now to the body of this blog... As you have read before, this entire move and deployment has caused me much stress. I am now happy to report that MUCH of this is getting lifted lately.

B finally got official orders, so we were able to apply for a house at our new duty station. Two days after sending off our application we received a phone call and were offered a 4 bedroom brand-new renovated home with a whole 1800 sq ft! I nearly jumped out of my skin to hear that not only were they upgrading us to a 4 bedroom (we only qualify for a 3 bedroom since we currently only have 2 kiddos), but that they were offering us a (practically) brand new house. We will be the first people to live in it with all the new renovations. These homes were built in 1980, so they desperately needed some serious upgrading. They have put in new roofs, siding, plumbing, walls, carpet, hardwood floors, appliances, landscaping and beautiful privacy fences. They built a dog park and are now building a new community center with a pool and a fitness center. The private company that runs all the on-post housing is trying to make this old neighborhood feel new and updated. They want it to be a desirable community - which is why they offered us a 4 bedroom brand new unit (with a BEAUTIFUL kitchen!).

B and I are so very excited to know that we will be getting the keys to our new home on August 3rd at 11am :-) He will actually report to his new unit in Washington DC on July 23rd while the kids and I head to Atlanta to visit family for a week or so. He will join us down there on the 29th and stay a few days before we make the final drive to accept our home...so find a time between the 22nd and the 1st to come visit us if you live in the Atlanta area. We will not be back home until Christmas!

Next on our agenda was getting a moving truck reserved. Since B doesn't come home for another 8 days and we are getting close to being only a month away from our move, we needed to go a head and reserve transportation of our household goods. I had to go up to the transportation office twice yesterday, but by the end of the second trip, I had gotten all the paperwork completed and had chosen our days for packing and loading. I can't belive that I can now say that we have a house and a moving truck reserved. We have an official report date to the White House Communication Agency and a date that B will begin his 10 days leave to get us all moved.

Somewhere deep in my heart, I knew that God had this all planned out and that it would just be a matter of time before it was all revealed to us. He is just now slowly revealing the details of this move to us. I am so relieved and as always, completely in awe of His wonder and greatness. Seriously, we're going to be the first people to live in our newly renovated 4 bedroom house...and I got to choose the exact dates for our movers to come :-) And we'll be heading back to Atlanta for one final trip before we move 10 hours away! God is SO good!


  1. Yay! That's so exciting! And I love the floor plan! Think of all that space! Y'all might just have to have another baby!;)

  2. Amazing! Praise God. The floor plans looks so great, too. What an exciting thing is to see how He unfolds His plans after such a long time of waiting. :)

  3. Congratulations on your house!! The floor plan looks so nice! I can't wait to see pictures! :) I also can't wait to see pictures of when you and Brandon see each other soon!! yay!!