Friday, January 14, 2011

Readiness makes me feel better!

So, since my last entry, I have laughed a lot at myself. I truly was stressed about needing a baby thermometer and a new changing pad for my little bundle due in APRIL! Pregnancy just does weird things to women. My body is changing faster than I can blink and clearly my mind is quite a bit "stretched" too.

Just in case any of you guys were concerned about my baby stressors, I thought I'd update you on my progress. First off, I found a green changing table pad cover on clearance at Target for $, obviously, I snatched that up. I have also bought 2 different styles of newborn pacifiers, and a little rectal thermometer - did you even know that had ones SPECIFICALLY for taking rectal temps?

Oh, and I switched D's cream lampshade with the baby's red one. Solved that problem too! I also got a huge refill pack of Huggies Sensitive baby wipes (I am boycotting Pampers for their new "dry max" technology that left babies with chemical burns. I will only buy Huggies products if I buy anything disposable!)

I have decided on just putting a cheapo roller shade up behind my valance to be able to block out the sunlight for naps and early bedtimes in the baby's room too. This decision solved my dilemma about how to create a room darkening affect without spending an arm and a leg or making it TOO dark when I wanted to let in the sun. So many things to think about...

I also did one splurgy baby purchase with our Sears Heroes at Home Gift Card. I ordered my new little love the softest wool diaper cover ever. He's going to be the coziest baby on the planet in a cotton diaper, a cashmere soft cover and a gown....all swaddled up. Perfection!
Anyway, enough about what I have bought for the little bean. He is GROWING at an astronomical rate these days. When I was 18 weeks pregnant, I hadn't gained a single pound. Now at 25 weeks pregnant, I have completely caught up to the average 25 week pregnant woman...if you do the math (and the research), that's about 14 pounds 7 weeks!

I am really having a hard time seeing the scale move up, but fortunately it isn't ALL going to my hips and thighs, haha. The vast majority of it is all in my belly. My big ole' belly. Which I am now slathering with Bio-oil since the skin is starting to feel taught. I am trying to avoid "new" stretch marks. I have plenty of old ones that my belly should just utilize, haha!

Oh well, I will lose the weight after my sweetie is born. For now, I just just bask in the "glow" of hugeness! Happy Friday friends!

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  1. And yet you stilllll don't even look that big =) I'm glad you got some stuff checked off your list, I know how amazing that feels. We're ordering McKennons big boy bed soon, and I got his new bedding too. Also using our Sears Heros GC ;-) Gotta love those! The quilt I got for him was only 14.99! I was pumped. I ended up finding it a Kmart. I can't wait till our baby boys get here!! xoxo