Saturday, February 26, 2011

Extreme Nesting Spurt

Great news! My sister had her beautiful baby on Feb 24 after a LONG day of labor. By the time the doctor finally confirmed that her labor was officially going nowhere, my sister was more than willing to have a C-Section to meet her little baby boy. He is absolutely precious. Both mommy and baby seem to be doing well! I can't wait to meet my nephew in June :-)

Hearing about her labor and delivery made me acknowledge that in about 2 months, my own little one will be arriving - whether I am ready or not.

I decided that we HAD to deal with the baby's room sooner rather than later...that and the fact that my hubby will be out of town here and there in the next 2 months. We headed to Home Depot to finally buy the paint and get started on creating the perfect room for our newest blessing...

It took several hours of taping and painting after we got our other two kiddos in bed, but the room got painted in a beautiful light aqua blue color. My artsy husband even made a gorgeous display for the letters of the baby's name above the crib. The following morning, we added the wall appliques that match the baby's bedding and made sure all the furniture was arranged just right.

The room is BEAUTIFUL! It is way more than I ever hoped it would be actually. I loved the bedding we bought a while back and I had hoped that the room would be soothing and peaceful for the baby and for me whenever I rocked/nursed/changed diapers in there. It IS all of that and more.

I have loved all three of my children's nurseries for different reasons. With C, I wanted it to be girly. My mom helped me create a perfect room all done up in pink and green. She even made custom curtains for our oddly sized windows. The room was amazing. I loved to just sit in there in the weeks before I gave birth just relaxing and day dreaming about what motherhood would be like...

D's room was also wonderful! I did his room in bold colors of yellow, red, and brown. I loved that it was a bit "different" from your typical boy-colored room. I didn't want it to be filled of shades of blue. I loved it. I remember rocking in the glider weeks before his due date just savoring the beautiful room and, again, day dreaming about what it would be like to have another baby in the house.

N's room is no less special. The aqua blues and greens are so peaceful. I am pretty sure this is our last baby...meaning that this is my last nursery. I wanted it to be perfect. I did it based on my own personal preferences. My favorite colors. My favorite theme. For me, thats the ocean - and soft shades of blue and green. I was thrilled when I found bedding that was all of these things. I was even more thrilled when my husband got the paint on the walls and the room finally took shape.

The room has only been finished for about 48 hours, but I have already sat in the glider and rocked in the peace and quiet several times (even when the power went out last night and I sat in there with a candle, haha!). I like to glance around the room and picture what it will be like in just 2 short months when I am changing newborn diapers at the changing table, laying a swaddled burrito baby down for a nap, or nursing in the chair. Since this is my third baby, I really do know what to expect. For the most part anyway. I expect to be stressed. I expect to be overcome with love and affection for my 7lb newbie. I expect to be peed on. I expect to cry in the glider as I rock the baby and try and get him to sleep. I expect to wince in pain as he latches on to nurse in that first week or two. I expect to stare at him and watch him sleep. I expect to cry tears of happiness when I am holding him and sharing those ever so special mommy-baby moments with him. For now, I can just sit in the glider and imagine what it will be like to be a mommy of three...

So, without any further delay, here are the pictures of the room! I must say that the pictures don't really do the paint color justice. Its a light aqua, so it doesn't show up very well in the soft light. Just trust me, its awesome :-)
And then today, to keep with the "nesting theme" I bought a nursing pajama. I don't usually care too much for the the official "nursing" gowns sold at maternity stores. They tend to gape and expose me way more than I prefer, haha. I prefer normal PJs that have button front access to make nursing easier. I found this one at our local outlet mall. I love it. I can't wait to nurse in it! For now, I will sleep in it as usual...but I have to unbutton the bottom section, haha. Later, I hope to keep the bottom buttoned and unbutton the top to feed the baby! Fortunately, this one also came with a matching tank my belly stays covered AND I match! Awesome.
From the front...
And one from the side because everyone likes to see a pregnant woman's side profile picture :-) I am now 31 weeks!

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  1. Love the gown and the nursery! So cute!

    And congrats to your sis!