Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THE Stroller!

Drumroll please......

My new double stroller has arrived!
As with most things in my life, I thoroughly thought through and researched double stroller options. I even considered not getting a double stroller and just using a baby carrier instead. My issue is that my 2 1/2 year old is just NOT mature enough to be without a stroller just yet. I do not trust him in any store or at any doctor's appointment to not be securely fastened in a stroller. So, a double stroller became a must!

Then the big decision was WHICH double stroller. There are only about a million on the market and their prices range from about $80 up to over $700. Clearly, my budget was down towards the bottom of that range. D is pretty tall for his age, so that is a factor was a factor as well. I didn't want him to outgrow the stroller after only 6 months of use. Even now, at 4 1/2 years old, C occasionally wants to ride in a stroller when we are out all day - especially when we go into DC. I can assume D will be the same way. I needed a stroller that he would fit into for about 2 years.

This led me to this Baby Jogger City Micro. It holds each child up to 50lbs. It still fits my 45.5" almost 5 year old. It turns like a dream - even with one hand. It looks awesome. It has just enough of a recline to be comfy for an infant and a toddler. It folds up FLAT - like seriously flat! It easily fits through any doorway. And most importantly it was way on sale...and that brought it into my budget!

My kids couldn't wait to try it out. In fact, they were tearing into the box as soon as the UPS guy dropped it off. I can't seem to keep D out of it. He wants to be in it. Then he wants to push it. I need to put it out in the garage so he quits messing with it, but honestly, I am still enjoying looking at it and playing with it myself. I love it! And really, that says a lot. I have had more strollers than I can recall in my 5 years of parenting. Everything from a travel "system," a sit'n'stand, an umbrella stroller, and a double jogger. You name it, I've had it. This is why I was hesitant to buy another stroller. I find faults with everything. Then I sell it.

I am happy to say though, that this stroller seems like a winer! I will be selling my double jogger (that doesn't fit through a doorway...arg!) and using this exclusively. I may use that money and buy the baby his own new single stroller for when its just me and him (D's was bought from a consignment store several years ago, and though it still works, I may get the baby his own new one)....we'll see. Craigslist is my best friend! I can sell anything on there!

Check out the pics of my newest and coolest addition!

Flat fold - those little chairs in the background are tiny...the seats are maybe 15 inches off the ground. This stroller folds up flatter than anything I've ever seen!
We had to test it out with "Purple Baby" to see how a newborn will fit with the new insert I bought for him. It was perfect! "Purple" loved it :-)

Check out the headroom on this thing. Even my tall boy has several inches of torso growth before he will outgrow it. And C still fits pretty nicely too!

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