Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Anatomy of my Mom-Mobile

As I loaded the kids up in my van to run to the library, I realized it took me 3 separate trips out the door until everything and everyone was loaded and ready to go. This is what made me decide to do a blog post about my van - my mode of transportation. My second home.

Here it is.
My 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. Its not fancy in any way. It doesn't have bells and whistles. It doesn't "do" anything cool. But it is functional. Its roomy. And most importantly, it is safe for my family.

My most important cargo in my van is, you guessed it, my kiddos. All three happily strapped into their car seats - which you know I love :-)
I feel it is important to note since I am posting this picture, that I DO NOT like the fit of this car seat for N. It seems so huge and it doesn't seem to cradle him with plushness like I'd like. He hates his infant carrier though. He cries less now that I switched him to D's convertible seat, but he does still cry. I want to get him his own convertible seat that fits little babies better (and I want D's seat back in my husband's car so that he can take him out when he runs errands!), but I don't have the extra $150 at the moment.

In the front seat, I have the library books and the diaper bag.
On the floorboard under N's seat is my baby carrier. This is also where I put him in the carrier and where I change diapers. Also notice the extra outfit for him in case we have a poop-splosion and need a different shirt. Oh, and a toy that D must have dropped.
Next up is the view from the back. It houses the stroller and all other cargo. At the moment, I have our bag full of pool stuff and towels...and oddly, I also have a sled I bought at a yard sale. There is still plenty of room for groceries, and anything else I need to throw in there. The seats next to C are stowed away at the moment. I don't always keep them like this, but we just haven't flipped them back up since our trip to Atlanta.

So, thats the tour of my second home. I love having a van. I don't think I could get from point A to point B without losing my mind if I didn't have a van.

I know PLENTY of people who hate vans and are adamantly against getting one. My advise to those people is to try doing all this with an SUV. It may work for a while, but in time, you too will realize that in parenthood, practicality and function almost always beat out style and "coolness." In fact, both my BFF and my sister both drive drool-worthy minivans...yet they each only have one child. And very young children at that! Haha. Can I make you laugh and tell you that my sister even bought her van before she was even "showing" in her pregnancy.

But, as with everything in parenthood, if driving a gas guzzling SUV works for you and your kids, then go for it :-) I, too, was once against getting a van. My dad was the one who convinced me to go test drive one when C was just 19 months old. It was love at first sight! My hubby now drives our Saturn SUV to work every day. Our whole family doesn't even fit in it anymore...

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