Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Its a new...

If you know me at all...

or if you've read more than one of my blog entries....

you know that I love...


So, of course, I want to share my newest one with you. Its for little N. Its one of the very best car seats on the market. It will hold him until he is ready for a big boy booster seat (around 5-6 years old). Its a Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL and I got an AMAZING deal on it last week...I actually SAVED $179. Crazy!
I have been wanting to buy him his own convertible seat (so D could have his seat back in my hubby's car), so when I saw this seat's price marked down big time, I couldn't help but jump at the chance to get it for N.

One of the most exciting things about this seat is its narrow and low profile. It makes it easy for kids to climb in and out of and very easy for me to load and unload them. It also makes it very likely that we can fit three seats across the bench in our Saturn Vue if needed.

It also has WAY more leg room for a rear facing toddler than most other seats have. For instance, D's convertible car seats have about an 8 inch seat depth. This new one is 13 inches deep! Thats 5 more inches of legroom!

Now that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping kids rear facing for a minimum of 2 years, this extra leg room will be very useful!

N already fits in his new seat very nicely. Of course, he does look tiny in it :-)

I wanted to see how my 37 inch 2 1/2 year old fit in it so I could figure out how long it will comfortably last for N.

Here is how D fits in it (he isn't buckled...I was just testing for head height and leg room). He could still EASILY ride in this seat if it was for him! For size reference, he is tall enough to wear a 3T.
Thats all :-) Have a great week! I will be enjoying strapping my littlest sweetie into a seat fit for a king!

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