Friday, June 24, 2011


Today I nursed while walking up the stairs.

Then I came downstairs, opened a box of Bagel Bites and put them on a baking sheet - all while nursing.

I unlatched and moved N to the side when I stuck them in the oven though. Because I am not an idiot. Or even a risk-taker.

I tell you all of this because I am very proud of myself. I am not a very experienced breast-feeder. While I did nurse both my older two, I didn't do it for very long and it didn't go incredibly well with either of them. Even with N, it didn't start out well (remember the weight gain problems we had?).

That is all in the past! Little N is nursing like a champ now. He has gained over 3 lbs in 5 weeks. He is eating on a nice 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hour routine right now. We've gotten through the one-hour cluster feedings, severe engorgement (although we still battle this most mornings), leaking milk on the sheets at a hotel, weaning off a nipple shield, supplementing through pumping and syringe/tube feeding, and latching issues.

I am so proud of myself for sticking with this even though it got off to a rocky start. I love that I make enough milk to nourish my growing son. I love when he falls asleep at the breast, "pops" off the nipple, and then rolls over on the Boppy. I love it even more when milk dribbles out of his if he fell asleep before he could even swallow. I even love that yellow seedy poop that the freshly digested breastmilk creates. It doesn't stink up his room AT ALL! Its a miracle!

I am still not very good at holding him in the typical "cradle" position that most moms master easily. But we're still learning as we're going. I am just relived that I can now nurse while I am laying in bed - it makes that 6am feeding much better :-)

At 8 weeks old, doesn't he look well-fed and content?
I thought I'd take some pictures while I multitasked this afternoon. I don't normally cover up with a burp cloth - just thought I would for modesty purposes for the pictures I was taking, haha! I know I will cherish these memories when my baby is no longer a nursing baby.


  1. Since I'm only in week 2 of nursing, I'll admit, it hurts like heck. My nipples have never seen such torture. That being said, I know just what you mean. I adore nursing. I love feeding her and nourishing her, and even with the pain, when she's latched on and chowing down, I get overwhelmed with happy emotion.

  2. Love the pic of N...Dad thinks it should be your #3 child pic instead of a sleeping N pic. Good job nursing your little one! Love all of you.