Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Baby Products (for us)

Little N is just about 7 weeks old. By now, we're in a decent groove spending our days nursing, diaper changing, rocking, napping, and staring at each other. I thought I'd do a brief post about the baby products that have been the most helpful over these first two months.

1. Hands down, the best baby product this time around has been the Beco Butterfly II baby carrier. N has decided that he hates his infant car seat, so I can't tote him around in it to stores and restaurants like I have done in the past (or as you would see every other mom in the world doing). The baby carrier has been a life saver! He loves it. I love it. If you're having a baby any time soon or have an infant already, I would highly suggest getting one!

2. Gas Drops. That pretty much sums it up. Oh, and I don't buy official Mylicon. I buy Target generic drops. They work wonders for an upset tummy full of gas pressure.

3. Mam Pacifiers - I have always been a fan of using a paci. C loved her Mam paci, but D refused to take one. He ended up finding his thumb and now at 2 1/2 years old, I have yet to be able to get him to quit sucking it. So....I would say the Mam paci is a way better option :-)

4. Huggies Little Snugglers diapers. Yes, I had intended to cloth diaper my newborn. I do still intend on using all my cloth diapers from D's diaper days, but it turns out, disposables are a bit easier for us at this stage of life. N goes through a billion diapers a day. I do enjoy using a handful of cloth diapers here and there, but until he fits in my "All-in-One" style diapers from D (probably in the next month), Huggies Little Snugglers have worked wonderfully! They hold in breast-fed poop and they fit him perfectly.

5. My Camera. Its a Nikon D-50 and I have taken more pictures than I care to admit since N has arrived. I love capturing his every moment. I have gotten so many beautiful pictures. I am just thankful to have such a wonderful camera.
6. Fisher Price Baby Papasan seat - After N falls asleep when I'm holding him, he loves to continue napping in this seat. It doesn't bounce like a bouncy seat, but it vibrates and snuggles him just perfectly. He clearly loves it :-)

7. The Boppy. Up until now, I have used the Boppy for nearly every single nursing session. N is just now getting big enough for me to hold him cradled without a pillow or with just a regular couch pillow. Now I just use the Boppy about half the time. But still, its a huge help to have around!

8. The Woombie. N sleeps so well safely swaddled up in his Woombie. I would recommend this to anyone with a newborn. It swaddles differently than regular swaddling blankets because it allows the baby to move and wiggle. It stretches gently to allow little arms to move and legs to stretch. I believe it helps N sleep longer than he would if he wasn't in it, and I don't have to keep checking on him to see if any part of a typical swaddling blanket has crept up around his face. At 7 weeks old, he already sleeps for 7 hours at night. I think thats pretty good for a 10 pounder! I will be buying the next size up in the next few days. He is about to outgrow the "newborn" size...

I am so thankful for these AWESOME products! I will probably do another one of these posts as N gets a little bigger and our needs change :-)

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