Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Kids Play

Do your kids sit on their freshly made beds in the middle of the day and read a book or hold a soccer ball?
Mine don't.

C would be coloring in the book...or cutting it up and making something out of it. And D, well, he would throw that ball at C.

This is how kids REALLY play.
D was napping and C was playing all by herself in the playroom. Wearing a Lowe's apron. Disassembling their little couch. Making some sort of odd bridge with every large thing in the room.

Oh, and we have laundry on our couch. Thats real life.

Take that Pottery Barn. Give those poor kids some real toys and let them PLAY!


  1. LOL! I wish I could post a picture of my house at the minute too with James toys EVERYWHERE (and he's just a baby). No one wants to live in a boring party barn house anyway! I sure Love that little C and her imagination :)

  2. Real life families...and real life homes!