Saturday, July 23, 2011

No Surprise

I am quite passionate about some things. You should know this by now. In case you live under a rock, those things would be safety, cloth diapers, and my kiddos....oh, and strollers.

There are, of course, things I am not passionate about at all. Like, bikes, insects, and sewing for instance.

I like to classify my passions into two groups...

1. Things that only I care about that don't affect you at all...basically, I could care less if you share these passions or not.
-This would be my love of cloth diapering, obsession with strollers, and well, my own personal children.

2. Things I am passionate about that do affect you and your family. Basically, things I think you should be passionate about too!
-Best example of this is my passion for safety. Mostly car safety and SIDS prevention (something I don't write about often, but still care about very much). These are things that I think every parent should research and and form their own opinions on AFTER doing proper research.)

Today I want to add a new passion to the first list.


Is it any surprise that by my third child, I have come to realize that I need my hands free? I am not an octopus, so I cannot hold my baby in one hand and make lunch for the older two with the other.

With both the previous children, I would have said, "put the baby down and let him/her fuss while you get done what needs to be done." That was the way I have previously parented.

BUT, with baby no. 3, things are totally different. First of all, he's my baby. THE baby of our family. I want to carry him and tote him around as much as possible. I want him to learn that I am his mommy and that he can always trust me to hold him, rock him, and tend to his needs. When he cries for anyone else in the world, I want to walk in the room and hold him in my arms and have him immediately relax and calm down.

Maybe I am selfish for wanting that. But I don't really care. He's my baby and thats how I am going to do it. If I complain about him being glued to me when he's 2, you can reference this blog entry. I will then shut my mouth.

I have also done much research (surprise surprise!) about the benefits of babywearing in a proper ergonomic carrier. After having a variety of different carriers with C and D, I had no idea that toting a baby around could be SO comfortable! And most importantly, SO good for my baby's and my own emotional well being. I feel good wearing him. And he loves being tucked up close to me.

Here are a few pictures of our baby wearing adventure...

His first time in our Beco Butterly II. He was 4 or 5 days old.
And at 9 days the National Harbor Build a Bear
In a cheap Seven Slings Sling. I wouldn't recommend this sling because N got too big for it VERY quickly (I assume most babies will outgrow this sling quickly. You'd probably have to buy a variety of sizes). If you want mine, let me know. I will send it to you for just the cost of shipping :-)
Getting bigger in the Beco!!!
And in our new Sleeping Baby Productions Ring Sling...ahhh, comfort and LOVE!!
Snoozing on me for a brief morning nap.
Hands Free Nursing! Say WHAT??? Yes, its true!
The sling doubles as a blanket when I slip him out of after he conks out.
Raising the next generation of baby wearers...C and "Purple Baby"
"Put me to bed, mommy..."

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  1. Soooo stinkin cute! That sling is the bomb!