Friday, July 29, 2011

First this. Then this.

First, this happened...
A MOUSE ate a hole through D's car seat cover when I had it in the garage for about a week.

I discovered this as I went to reinstall it in the van. So, needless to say, after freaking out about the grossness of a mouse being in my garage - and in D's seat (ewww....) - I realized I'd need to play the "car seat shuffle" once again.

Then this...

I have a total of 6 seats.

Two for each child.

We have 2 vehicles, so this makes sense to me (and its how I justify it to my hubby).

The end results was putting the baby back in the infant bucket seat and rear facing D AGAIN in the baby's new seat - a Radian. This was the easiest of the shuffling since the Radian was already installed. He fits pretty well! And at just 30lbs, he is still WELL within the 45lb rear facing weight limit.
Check out where he puts his legs. He cracks me up :-) Plus, he and C love to see each other and play "footsie" while we drive. Haha!

And just for fun :-)
For those of you who think I am "extreme" for my weirdness about carseat safety, I will mention that the reason I decided to flip D around again is because I read about a family who was involved in a wreck. Their 2 1/2 year old forward facing toddler was killed, but their 8 month old rear-facer was completely unharmed. Of course, I don't know all the details of the wreck, but to me, its not worth the chance. I would never in a million years forgive myself if something unthinkable happened to D when I had the knowledge and the equipment to fully protect him and his precious little neck and head. :-) Just my $.02


  1. I have heard rumors that some targets have the marathons on clearance for $50 this week. Might be cheaper than buying a new cover.

  2. GREAT deal! Unfortunately, mine is a Boulevard. BUT, I think I will watch online..maybe they will discount the boulevards onine...if they carry them. :-)