Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby Clothes

To you, this is just a bunch of baby clothes.

To me, its the clothes I can't get rid of.

I tried to pack up everything N has out grown. He is wearing size 6 months clothes now, so all his 0-3 and much of the 3-6 month things need go to make room for bigger things in the drawers.

Many of the things I put on him brought me right back to the days I put them on C and D when they were his tiny size.

So, when I got out a big box and started packing things up, I got stuck when I went to lay these things in there.

A newborn outfit and bibs that my only daughter wore.
The boys' newborn hospital "gowns."
A consignment store outfit all three of my babies wore.
Also in that pile are the outfits my boys wore home from the hospital and gowns I bought when I was pregnant with C 6 years ago...gender neutral because I didn't know she was a girl at the time. All three babies wore them.

The rest of the newborn clothing is now packed away in a box ready to be given to someone else to love.

But these garments, well, they are mine.

Most likely, they will get packed up eventually. Maybe I will put something in a shadow box.

And maybe. Again, just a maybe, they will end up on baby no. 4 one day ;-)


  1. Loved your last sentence! Just "maybe"...

  2. I vote baby #4. =)
    I hate packing up the newborn clothes.. makes me teary, they grow sooo fast.

  3. I made a "life blanket" for Seth a few months ago. I took some clothing items that represented different parts of his life and made them into a quilt. (There is a picture on FB.) I even added a couple of his favorite outfits that Callie wore. If Baby #4 is something that doesn't happen, that could be something to consider...