Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Opinions Please!

Okay friends, I need your opinions. If you were here in my house right now, I would call you over to the computer and ask you, "which one do you like the best?"

I want to make one of these pictures into an 11X14 gallery wrapped canvas. I have a free canvas credit on a website, so I only have to pay shipping, Yahoo!!

So...which one do you think would look the best? Please leave your opinion as a comment with either "A, B, or C"

This is "A"
And Lastly, this is "C"


  1. No wonder you can't decide, they are all great! :) I like C, mostly because you can see his whole body I think.

  2. C-I think it'll wrap the best. I just had one of these made and you need a little space around the edges so heads don't get partially cut off in the wrapping process.

  3. I think C. I love seeing his whole little body. :)Can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. I like his face on B so that is my pick.