Monday, August 1, 2011

8 Years

Eight years ago today, I was at our church with my mom and a whole crew setting up for one of the most special days of my whole life - my wedding on August 2, 2003.

I was barely 21 and very much in love with my sweetie. We had no idea where life would take us - just that we'd go at it together...
Today, I am 29 and still very much in love with my sweetie. I am more proud of him today than ever and though I still don't know exactly where life will take us, at least I know who will be along for the ride.

My secret to a happy marriage:
Have a bunch of kids - you will be so busy, you will not have time to think about your marriage. (Just Kidding...well, sort of)

The real advice:
Make sacrifices and keep smiling through the tears. If you both do that, things will work!

Oh, and have children. Nothing makes me happier in my marriage than seeing my dearly beloved be a daddy to the children the Lord gave to us.

Happy Anniversary, Babe!