Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquake among other things...

In case any of you were wondering...

Yes, I felt the earthquake on Tuesday.

Yes, it scared the poo outta me.

Yes, it shook the house and made my heart race unlike anything has in a long time.

No, nothing fell in my house (well, actually I did notice a downed bottle of Downy wrinkle release in my closet).

I am just really glad I don't live out west where this happens more frequently. It was really scary!

The best story of the earthquake for me was that of my friend. She and her 5 year-old daughter were eating lunch at TGI Fridays when the shaking began...Thinking the rumbling was surely a TORNADO that had appeared out of nowhere, she freaked and told her daughter to get under the table. There she sat as the earthquake shook the building - knocking down the light hanging above their table and several of the things on the walls of the restaurant. Her super prepared soldier husband texted her about a minute afterwards declaring that he had just experienced an earthquake. Once she was told by her hubby that it was indeed an earthquake, she promptly crawled out from under the table at Fridays, stood up, and announced to the other diners that her husband was in the Army and he had told her that it was indeed an earthquake. The picture of this sequence of events just makes me (and her) laugh!

(For the record, I also thought it was a tornado at first. I even jumped up and ran to the window looking for the funnel cloud.)

Looking back at the whole situation, I think we all feel a little foolish because it really didn't end up being that big of a deal.

But at the time, it was scary. Really scary. The shaking got harder and harder and for me personally, the fear was "how much harder is this thing gonna shake us?" I had no idea if the roof above my head might give out or if I may begin to hear things crack and shatter. I really hope I never experience anything like that ever again...

I can't even imagine what it must be like for those individuals in communities who have experienced terrifying earthquakes. It must be a living nightmare.

On that note, I need to go now. I need to start preparing for Hurricane Irene - expected to slam us on Sunday.

Where is my husband when I NEED him? AHHHH!

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