Monday, April 18, 2011

The Buzz

I feel like today my little 2 1/2 year old D reached some sort of milestone in his life.

Not his first word.
Or his first steps.
Or even his first day of preschool.

No, my hubby decided to buzz his hair for the first time.

We've had to have D's hair cut several times over the past year and at about $16 a pop at the kids' hair-cut place, it was adding up to be kind of ridiculous - even if we only went every couple of months. Between D's sporadic haircuts and my husband's bi-monthly cuts, the men in my family were getting considerably more "beautification" than the gals.

So today, B suggested that he cut D's hair with the clippers.

My first though, was "NO! Not my baby's fine soft hair!"

But B promised he wouldn't cut it super short - he said he'd just "clean up the sides."
Of course, once he did the sides, though, blending it with the longer top became challenging. He suggested he buzz the whole thing....I KNEW this would happen!

I made him select a very high numbered guard and hid behind my camera. Seeing my baby's hair fall to the ground from behind the view finder was much easier than watching it fall up close.
In all honesty, my husband did a great job. D's hair looks very nice and there is still plenty of hair for me to run my fingers through as I rock him and sing to him (yes, I do that every day - actually, twice a day)
I am assuming this is going to be our new way of maintaining our son's hair. Only a cowlick in the front makes this "style" a little unruly, but overall, I think he looks adorable.

However, my hubby better not take the clippers anywhere near the new baby for the first 2 1/2 years of his life...


  1. Tis the week for at home haircuts!!! I'm now doing Aaron's for the same reason...too expensive and yes both boys get more pampering with their hair the us girls too (somehow that just doesn't seem right). Right now I'm not doing the buzz cut you I can't get rid of the baby hair, I love it too much! D looks adorable though, good job Daddy :)

  2. I love these pictures. D looks even more like his Daddy now! Thanks for taking so many pictures so we feel like we are with you! :)

  3. Brandi took the words right out of my mouth! D does look even more like his daddy (if that's possible) and thank you for all your photo posts. They help make the distance between us feel less far away.