Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pedicure Pampering

So, after MUCH delay, I finally went today and got a pedicure.

Its been over a year since I've had one.

After I paid the bill ($$$$), I remembered why its been over a year.

Thankfully, my wonderful youngest sister decided to treat me to this pampering (or at least to a decent portion of this Washington DC priced pedicure) rather than get me a gift for the new baby. I thought it was a GREAT idea! I have been feeling "blah" and uncomfortable for weeks now, and a nice long pedicure made me feel much better.

Plus, it removed a ton of dead skin and left my toes with a gorgeous shade of bright pink!
Are you wondering whose little feet those are next to mine?

Those would be my birthday girl's feet. Her Aunt decided that if she was treating me to a pedicure as a "baby gift" then she could treat C to one as a birthday present too. It was her first pedicure and I know I'll never forget how quiet and still she sat while the gentleman worked on her tiny feet and painted that deep red and those little flowers on her toes.

I am very thankful for the special afternoon I had with my only daughter. It made yet another cool and rainy day seem special and bright to both of us.

At 38 weeks pregnant, I know that our family life is about to be changed forever and this brief session of pampering with the girl who first made me a mom was just what she and I both needed :-)

Thanks, Aunt Tracy!

And of course,

Thank You, Lord for the memories we made.

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