Monday, June 15, 2009

It's just another "Manic Monday"

Wow, today was like a roller coaster. It was so "up and downy" that I felt the need to share :-)

The morning started out great because today was the start of C's very first Vacation Bible School at the church we've been attending. She was pumped and so was I! 3 hours with just me and the baby, yay! Dropped her off without a hitch, ran to Kohls and my purchase rang up on sale (even though it wasn't marked....fantastic!), came home, put D down for a nap and B came home early for lunch. He and I visited and then I ran off to go check out a preschool for C before picking her up from VBS. B kept D at home so I could get this done much quicker. I would be home well before he had to go back to work. I went to the preschool and got on the waiting list...but I was the only one on the waiting list so I was assured a spot would open by the Fall (remember, I live in a military community -people move ALL the time). While I was there getting a tour, a lady brought in her written notice that she would be removing her daughter from the program in the Fall...thus giving my little C her spot :-) Praise God! We found a wonderful christian preschool in a lovely little church not far at all from where we live - and she got a spot!! Yay! And I can afford it!

Okay, this is where the day gets hairy. I go to the church to pick up C from VBS grinning ear to ear that I got her in a preschool for the Fall. (Let me back up, she was already enrolled in one here on-post where we live but it wasn't biblically based at all and I had learned that it was more of a cross between freeplay/daycare/and a very little bit of structure -not quite what I was looking for. This is why I was searching for something else.) I go bouncing down to her room, greet my little one, and explain to the teachers that I accidently left my security tag in the diaper bag which I left at home because my husband was watching the baby - PAUSE. 
"I'm sorry, we can't release her without the tag...I know I saw you drop her off but we have to have the tag for security reasons..." They wouldn't give her to me! Oh no, I was going to have to drive 15 minutes back home to pick up the tag, then drive 15 minutes back all the while leaving my 3 year old in her classroom after all the other kids had come and gone! I didn't know what to do, so I called B...who never complained once. He packed up little D (had to install a car seat in his car!) and headed out to the church to meet me and deliver the "magic ticket." He did all this without once complaining or pointing out how dumb it was of me to leave the security tag at home. Bless him!

So, I did retrieve my daughter who indeed had a wonderful time at VBS and is looking forward to going back tomorrow! Now back to today...I found a listing on craigslist for a woman selling some snazzy name brand cloth diapers that she had been given and hadn't used. She was selling about 7 diapers for $35 - this is a GREAT deal! the diapers had been in a bag in her closet for about a year. She hadn't even looked at them in forever. So, this evening, I took D out there to go check them out. I had to get gas and go to the bank on the way to her house. Her home was lovely and her daughters were adorable, but the diapers were not so great :-( I was bummed and so was she, for they looked great and were in beautiful condition, but when I started playing with them, she and I noticed the elastic was pretty shot, ummm, dry-rotted. Aww Man! Two of them seemed to be okay, so I did get those two and she then brought out a different kind and a different brand. I thought it looked great, so I decided to take it. Plus, she GAVE me multiple (6) microfiber inserts for  my diapers. I left with 3 diapers and a handful of inserts for $12. Not bad. Pulled out of her neighborhood, and the bottom dropped out of the sky - RAIN like you wouldn't believe the entire way home. So, for 30 minutes I drove 25 MPH in the pouring rain and thunder. I was just sure the hail would be coming soon! Now, I was supposed to go get my oil changed at Sears after dropping D back off at home, but I was not going to stay out in the pouring rain. I made it home safe and sound and got my youngest ready for bed. His sweet freshly bathed skin smelled so good, yummm :-) 

Overall, it was an eventful day full of ups and downs. I am sure tomorrow will be no different. Happy Monday to all!

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