Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My new workout program :-)

If you read my post a few posts back you learned that I really want to take control of my health (and weight) and feel better about myself for me and for my family. So, B and I have been trying to do P90X videos to exercise together, but I am just too out of shape to do them right now. I can't commit to 50-75 minutes of HARD advanced level exercise daily and stay pumped. They are too hard, I am too sore, and I don't have that much time every single day. So...I went to Best Buy and did a quick search for something more doable! I picked a video led by Jillian Michaels, from the Biggest Loser, because it had 3 different workouts at different intensities and because it was only 20 minutes long. I can do 20 minutes! Anyway, its called the 30 Day Shred and it is designed to be done everyday. I've done it twice now and I LOVE it!! I just want to share how much I am loving it. It is hard enough to kick my butt and make me sweat big time, but the exercises are very doable..and Jillian is a great motivator!

C is loving me doing my "workout video" as well. She sits in a little chair in the living room and says "Go Mommy, go!" and "good job Mommy." So cute :-) She also insists on crawling through my legs anytime the are being held in any position that provides her enough room to slip through them. And in one instance where they provided just a very small opening, she slipped "Purple Baby" (her beloved doll) through them instead. She even tried to get though my legs in the brief time they were spread during a lunge! She just made a quick dash (picture mini-golf through a spinning windmill). Of course she had to stretch with me when it was over and show me how she could reach her feet while doing a split. This is all a little annoying at the time - after all, I am busting a move and pouring sweat fo 20 minutes solid...and she is bouncing around trying to get through my legs, but its pretty funny after its over. At least she is still very into hanging out with me right now. She loves me and wants nothing more to spend time with me. Some day she won't have too much interest in me, so I am enjoying this for now. Maybe I'll be thinner by the time that happens!

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  1. How sweet! And good for you! I'm loving my workouts at the Y, but I just don't have the discipline to use my workout videos at home, even though I love them. (I've actually been thinking about getting the Flirty Girl or the Carmen Electra videos - they would definitely serve a two-fold purpose!!!) ;o)