Monday, June 22, 2009

Missing My Husband

My dear husband left almost 4 days ago for a 13 day Army "tasking" which took him out into the woods with only a huge 60lb backpack and the clothes on his back. I have no idea where he is. I assume he is somewhere in North Carolina, but I have no idea where! He spent a couple days packing his Rucksack (his big Army backpack) and ran to Gander Mountain several times before his departure. I sure hope he had everything he needed by the time he left! 13 days really doesn't seem like a long time for us to be apart after being apart for 6 months, but 13 days without being able to communicate with each other makes it seem like FOREVER! B was not even able to bring his cell phone (probably wouldn't have cell service anyway), so we knew there would not be any communication for these 13 days.

I write all this because even though it is only 13 days, I miss his terribly already and can't get him off my mind? What is he doing? Is it really unbearably hot or is he in the shade somewhere? Is there a lake where he can take a quick dip to cool off or to bathe? Has it rained and gotten all his stuff wet? What is he eating - did he and the guys is with have to catch an animal for food??? How are the actual missions going? Is he learning a lot? Is it fun or pretty miserable? Is he sleeping well? Is he getting any real rest at all? Does he miss me like I miss him?

Plus, there are things I'd love to share with him. D's first two teeth are coming in for real now - not just little glimmers under the gums, but are REALLY coming in! He is even getting a sore on the knuckle on his thumb from where his new teeth rub when he sucks his left thumb. Little C stuck a piece of paper up her nose today (apparently) and then panicked and threw a fit because it was hurting her. After sneezing many times and crying a lot, she either swallowed it or blew it out, haha. It eventually stopped bothering her, so I guess she is okay. I even used the aspirator to suck out anything I but was unsuccessful. She continued to sneeze all day but seemed to feel just fine. These are just two of the things I'd love to tell him, but so much happens everyday, I could go on and on sharing the events of our days.

The last time I went this long without talking to B was when he left for basic training two years ago. That time he was gone for 10 weeks and I only spoke to him 3 times for 5 minutes each time! It was insane and horrible. I can't even tell you how excited it was when "unknown" popped up on my cell phone each one of those times. And I read and reread each one of his letters a hundred times!

For now, I am enjoying my time in Atlanta with my parents and am trying to stay busy so the time passes quickly. I also have in the back of my mind that I know that this 2 weeks will seem so short when he leaves again in October for another 6 months (but at least we can talk everyday). Please keep him in your prayers as he serves our country by assisting in the training of an elite unit of soldiers. Please keep me and the kids in your prayers as we hang out in Atlanta and then travel back home next week to wait for his return!

This is just a picture I took of B and D before he left. They look so much a like!

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  1. I know that it feels like forever, but it will be over before you know it. Love the pics! See you guys Thursday.