Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laundry among everything else...

So, I never finished uploading vacation pictures on here and I never wrote about C's birthday party. I just have too much going on and not enough time to keep up with it all. I can't possibly write about all that has been going on, so I should probably just jump right in to today!

At the moment, LAUNDRY is on my mind. It just never ends and when I get caught up, the celebration is very short lived since I will inevitably have another load or two the next day.  With 4 people in our family, we do not have as much laundry as some but definetely have more than others. I have actually come to love having our washer and dryer in the kitchen (even though this sounds like it would be annoying) because I can easily hear when a cycle has stopped so I can keep moving things along. I have memorized the wash/rinse/pause/spin/long pause/rinse/pause/spin cycle our washer does.  

Fortunately for me, I actually don't mind this chore. It's pretty easy for me. I don't sort colors and whites because I wash everything on cold. I do try and lump like items (towels, jeans, sheets) together, but don't get real OCD about it. I don't even mind the folding of the clothes...its the putting it away that drives me nuts. At this very moment, there is a pile of clothes next to the recliner in my living room that has grown and shrank several times in the past few days but has yet to actually disappear. Oh well, there are more important things to stress about I suppose :-) Just know that if you were to walk in my house, there WOULD be a pile of clean folded clothes somewhere in the main living area and almost always one in one of the bedrooms! 

Lastly, there is one load that I do frequently that I NEVER mind doing. Can you take a guess??? It's my new obsession - my cloth diapers. My stash has grown from 2 diapers to 10 all in ones/pocket diapers and 2 covers with 6 prefolds (the old school flat - fold it yourself deal). And a washable diaper pail liner. And all the inserts or "doublers" you can add to make them extra absorbent. I could go almost 2 days without needing to was my stash, but then I wouldn't have anything for D to wear when they were being washed and dried, so I still wash a load everyday. I truly love doing this load though because I love my diapers. I love switching them to the dryer and I LOVE laying some of them out in the sun to dry (did you know the sun will naturally "bleach" out stains? So cool!) And, I love folding them and getting them all ready for the next day. It's a fun and healthy obsession...except that I really still need one more diaper for the night time. I only have one night time diaper which means this one must be washed every day. I could use another to minimize this issue -and to try and slimmer one than the one I am currently using. D has quite the bubble bootie at night :-)

So, thats what is on my mind at the moment. Laundry. Speaking of that, I just hear the washer stop. Time to throw them next door to the dryer :-) Thank God we have washers and dryers and don't have to do all this by hand!

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