Thursday, November 19, 2009

Parking Lot Prayer

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Phil 4:6

After a long day of car troubles yesterday, the last thing I expected was for C to get sick in the evening. Pain in the ear and a fever. Unable to get to sleep and then unable to stay asleep. It was one of those nights that all moms know well...and dread. I knew it was a reoccurring ear infection, but of course we couldn't see the doctor until the morning. Fortunately when I called at 7am, I didn't have to wait on hold like I normally do and was able to make an appointment right at 9:30! Yay!

Our pediatrician here on post is inside the Army hospital, so every trip to the doctor or pharmacy requires parking in the hospital parking lot. This is probably my least favorite thing about the whole "doctor experience" because there is NOT adequate parking at all. Not even close.

This morning as we pulled in the lot, I could see that it was packed and that there were already many cars "circling" like lions stalking prey. I would join them in hopes that I would "pounce" on someone backing out before they did. I have done this many times before and actually have started factoring the 10-12 minute parking spectacle into my time allotted to "get there." Okay, so this morning as I saw that it was going to be misery as usual, I let out a long sigh as I randomly turned down an aisle. C and I were chatting, and I said, "Lets ask God to give us a parking space." I immediately followed with, "God, please give us a parking space..." No sooner did the words leave my mouth that I spotted the reverse lights on a car 3 spaces up. Tears filled my eyes and a humble, "thank you Lord" escaped from my mouth. It was just the touch from Him that I needed right then. C was thrilled! We clapped and thanked God together for our parking space. She told me multiple times that "God gave us that parking space!" as we parked and unloaded. This was actually the best space I'd ever gotten here! I was still somewhat stunned that God had answered so fast, then disappointed in myself for being surprised by what He did. Why do I often pray and secretly not expect God to answer? He hears me every time...even when I doubt. And even if some times, He is silent. He still hears. He never ignores.

This whole incident reassured me of so much. In a season of time where I am praying so frequently for the same thing (Brandon's job and some sort of answer) and hearing God tell me to wait and have faith, it was so amazing to be reminded that His timing is perfect. I am waiting because He wants me to wait, and I got that parking space the moment I uttered the words because He wanted me to have it right then.

This spoke volumes to C as well. Multiple times today she has reminded me that "God gave us that parking space at the hospital!" I have taken the opportunity to reiterate that God hears us when we pray to Him and that He answers us...just like with the parking space.

Lord, Thank you for the parking space. Thank you for reminding me that you hear me. Even when I know in my head that you always do, sometimes after months of waiting, my heart feels like you don't. Thank you for teaching me once again that your timing is perfect...every time. And thank you for revealing yourself to my daughter in such a tangible way. You are an awesome God. More awesome that I can fathom...and I trust you. No matter what.

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
Matthew 21:22

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