Monday, November 2, 2009

Gratitude on a sad day

Today is the day that B deploys for about 9 months. I am sad. He is sad. There is no way around that. But instead of writing an entry about why I am sad and how many times I've teared up, I thought I would write on the ways God has blessed me once again. I think it will help my outlook on today.

24. The most wonderful weekend with B's family here visiting us.

25. An involved husband who loves to tuck in his children at night.

26. Fall Festivals at school and church.
27. That Baby Dedication fell on the day before B deploys so that we could do it as a family.

28. That we have placed our children in the hands of the Lord at all.

29. That thanks to a Beth Moore bible study, I am way less fearful than I have been in the past. Less fearful of everything.

30. That I have a husband who I love to kiss :-) and that he loves to kiss me too!

31. That we got a great family photo before B leaves. Now I can look at it whenever I want and think about that great day...and believe me, I will!

32. Date nights with B even if we just go to Walmart and a cheap Mexican place.

33. That B is truly sad about leaving us. I know not all men have the caring and sensitive heart that my husband has.

34. Prayers that are answered in a matter of hours.

Praise God!


  1. This makes me cry! Yesterday morning during the pastoral prayer, our pastor prayed for all the soldiers who are away from home, and all the wives, husbands, and children here at home without them, that God would be their (your) strength and comfort, as he (the pastor) always does each week. Then he kind of paused and prayed for the military families who would be saying their goodbyes for deployment in the coming weeks, knowing that the holidays would be minus one family member this year, many not for the first time.

    I seriously started crying in church, just thinking of you. I love reading your gratitudes this morning - praising God with you and praying for you!

  2. Thanks for telling me this Lauren! I am so glad to know that their are folks praying for us (as military families and as me individually). I am trying to stay positive today and in the coming days. Being at home alone day in and day out is know that though!!! Thank your pastor for me for his kind words and prayers. I know God will be with me through this and that His plan is perfect :-)