Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heavenly Artist

Little C asks me a million questions everyday. Well, maybe not a million, but probably around 150 :-) I try and answer most of them, but there are times that I just tell her, "I don't know, baby." Some of her questions are hard to answer. For instance, yesterday in about 3 minutes she asked me, "What color is our stomach?" "Why do cars have doors?" and "How does blood move in our bodies?" Seriously, that is way too much thinking and explaining in a 3 minute car ride home from the playground!

So, this evening in the car on our way home from our last errand, she began with her question asking once again. We have had multiple tantrums and meltdowns today, so by 6pm, I was tired. Actually I was so stressed that I was nauseous and on the verge of tears. I just wanted her to be quiet so I could listen to the song on the radio and have some silence, but she must not have been listening when I told her to "please be quiet until we get home" because this is what happened just as we were getting close to home:

"Mommy, what's that?"

Not even looking back at her to see what she was referring to, I replied, "I don't know, baby."

Moments later she asks again, "What's that in the sky?"

It's a pretty clear evening with no odd clouds or anything so I have no idea what she is talking about...and I don't really care anyway, so again, "I don't know, baby."

I think she has moved on, but then about 20 seconds passes, and she quietly says, "Maybe it's God drawing a rainbow..."

I glance up - way up - and I see it....the jet flying on her side of the window leaving the white "streak" behind it.

I laugh :-) I love the way she sees the world. It's so refreshing!

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