Saturday, March 13, 2010

Workout Saturday!

What a GREAT week! I started the final 30-day phase of Chalean Extreme on Monday and am already seeing incredible transformations in my body. I immediately broke through the weight plateau that I had hit in the final week of the Push Phase.

Since monday morning, I have already lost additional 2.4 pounds! WooHoo! This phase is super effective :-) I know it's because Chalene really changes up the workouts. Last month it was very slow concentrated reps with very heavy weights. This month its still slow but its a higher number of reps and each move works upper body, lower body, and core at the same time. I have been sore after every workout.

I can feel my body saying, "Girl, what on earth are you doing?? Tricep extensions in a push-up position...on one arm!?!"

I tell my body, "Body, get over it and build some more extend that arm and hold up my booty so I can finish the reps!" :-)

The kids and I have had a lot of fun dancing around the house this week as well. I downloaded Sarah Buxton's Outside My Window, so we have a fun beat to get our groove on. And just this morning I added I Know You Want Me by Pitbull and Poker Face by Lady Gaga. The beat of those songs just can't be beat for danceability! I love getting a quick 4 minute cardio dance workout in the middle of the day with my kids :-) We all have fun!

And lastly, I found a really great inspiration for my weightloss goal this week! It's a BIKINI (oh my goodness!) that I am in love with. I haven't worn a bikini in over 10 years. I didn't even wear one in college! But, I found this one on the Landsend website, and I can't wait to wear it this summer :-) I have already achieved so much, that I know this summer I will feel confident enough to show some stomach - faded stretch marks and all! I could already order a size 10 (which just blows me away - if you'll remember, I was a snug size 14 just 65 days ago!) but I am going to hold off until next month and see if by then I may need an even smaller size :-)

Here is the Top and here is the Bottom. I want it in the pretty aqua blue color :-)


I can't wait to update you next week! This is so exciting and fun!


  1. You go girl!!! Question: I've looked at the Chalean website and can't figure this out. I know you're working out like crazy, but is there a diet plan for you to follow?
    Enjoy that bikini! I think I might have to get one as a little inspiration for the summer!

  2. There is an official diet plan to follow but I wasn't really thrilled with it. It's pretty strict and asks you to make things that I don't normally make. So, I am just doing my own "diet" of seriously watching my caloric intake and adding in as much lean protein as I can. I eat some of the snacks that Chalene suggests as snacks though. They are good! So far, this is working for me, but at some point I may need to move to actually counting calories :-) Basically though, I just do the workouts exactly as outlined 5 days a week and eat as "clean" as possible!